Thousands of vaping products reviewed for safety…


The Vaping Regulatory Authority is reviewing each of the 8038 vaping substances that have been notified in New Zealand to determine which ones could be non-compliant with current safety standards.

Vaping. (Source: TVNZ)

It comes after the Government sent out an urgent nationwide safety alert on some vape products last week. This was because some vapes sold had far more nicotine than legally allowed.

The authority said it has found no issues with 2374 vaping substance notifications, but that a further 3413 have been identified for a more detailed review.

This is to ensure that information surrounding the contents of the substance was correctly provided when notified to the authority.

The Ministry of Health said that many of the substances being reviewed are most likely safe and could be flagged for unintentional errors.

“In many cases, issues are likely to be related to incidental errors or omissions and will not result in any issues with the vaping products being sold,” the Ministry of Health said.

Vapes in New Zealand can have up to 50mg/mL of nicotine salts – but some have interpreted that as allowing 50mg of nicotine – which is much stronger than the law intended.

The urgent alert last week told retailers to check the labelling of their products, pull offending ones off the shelves or face enforcement action.

The ministry has confirmed this could be a fine of up to $400,000 if it goes to court.

Today the authority has written to all specialist vape retailers to remind them of their legal obligations and to emphasise the legal limits of nicotine salts.

The authority will also establish a new testing regime to test products for sale to ensure they comply with safety regulations.

It said there is no evidence that vaping products being sold in New Zealand have levels of nicotine high enough to significantly increase users’ risk of harm.

“The main risk with vaping products with levels of nicotine beyond the permitted level in New Zealand is they are more likely to increase a person’s nicotine addiction.”

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