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Are you a lover of CBD and want to try some new products? Do you want to know which CBD products are the absolute must-haves in 2022?

As someone who thoroughly enjoys CBD, there is a chance that you have tried many of the products that are on the market today however there is also a chance that you haven’t tried nearly enough of them.

With the increase in popularity of cannabis products, there has been a growth within the industry and there are now numerous new products entering the market every day. Here are some of the ultimate must-have cannabis products to try in 2022.

CBD Sparkling Water

These days there are so many new and unique products making their way into the cannabis market and they are incredibly fun and something that you should consider adding to your cannabis collection.

One of the very first products on our list is sparkling water that is infused with CBD or CBD sparkling water. These days there are many different CBD-infused beverages however sparkling water is quickly becoming one of the most popular of these beverages because more and more people are starting to enjoy it.

Whether it is just plain sparkling water or flavored sparkling water people love these infused CBD sparkling waters because of the calming and relaxing effect that they have to offer but also because they are fun and exciting.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates are a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD. CBD concentrates are a concentrated form of CBD that can be used in various ways. They can be dabbed, vaporized, or added to food and drinks.

Dabbing is the most common way to consume CBD concentrates. To dab, you will need a dab rig such as this one or a vape pen designed for concentrates. These are great ways to get quick relief from pain, anxiety, or inflammation. CBD concentrates can be added to recipes or mixed into beverages such as coffee or tea.

CBD Fruit Gummies

The next must-have cannabis product on our list is CBD fruit gummies. One of the most common ways for people to consume CBD is through edibles which are gummies. These days you can find all sorts of CBD edibles however gummies are seemingly the most popular and the most readily available

Not to mention these CBD fruit gummies taste incredibly great and are delicious. CBD fruit gummies will give you all of the benefits of consuming CBD such as feeling calm and relaxed as well as pain relief and reducing inflammation without having to inhale anything.

Something to note is that when consuming CBD fruit gummies or any CBD edible product is that the effects will take quite a lot longer to kick in than other consumption methods, but the effects also last quite a lot longer.

Vase Pipe

A fairly new addition to the cannabis world is the vase pipe. These vase pipes are designed to be part of your everyday home decor and to fit discreetly into your house without looking like obvious cannabis devices or accessories.

These base pipes are pipes or bongs that you would use in any other manner however they can also be used as a vase for some flowers to liven up your home. They do not look like pipes but rather like interesting and unique vases.

CBD Infused Tea

Another new addition to the cannabis market is CBD-infused tea. You can now buy teabags that not only have tea in them but also have a small amount of CBD flower in them which means that you can make a tea that is infused with CBD as well.

This tea is great to consume in the morning if you want to feel relaxed and calm throughout the day or to consume in the evening if you want to calm down before you go to bed and start feeling a little bit more drowsy.

You can also buy CBD-infused tea that is premade in bottles so that you do not have to make your tea.

CBD Vitamins

Last but not least another great addition to the cannabis market and something that is a definite must have been CBD vitamins. these are very alike to that regular vitamin that has your daily dose of vitamins that you need every day such as vitamin C, vitamin D, and vitamin B.

On top of having all of the essential vitamins in them, they also have CBD infused into them so that you can gain the benefits of the CBD as well. CBD isn’t greatly helpful when it comes to your overall health, and you will see great benefits from making use of these CBD vitamins.

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