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, /PRNewswire/ — Launched in early 2022, FLERBAR is a trending disposable vape brand from Europe, focused on bringing a more enjoyable experience and creating advanced technology yet using a clean and clear elegant look and feel. Meanwhile, FLERBAR has launched new products with the same name as the brand.

The R&D team of FLERBAR created the sleek appearance and all unique flavors based on all the feedback on what the UK & EU marketplace was looking for in disposable vaping device.

FLERBAR – The Flavor Legend

FLERBAR disposable vape is an elegant crystal clear device that has a smooth yet grippy feel. The base of the FLERBAR glows with a funky ice blue LED during the auto draw.

The FLERBAR, with the uniquely designed open airflow, FLERBAR provides the most powerful flavor hit to every puff.

Longer lasting due to the high grade 500 mAh battery this is the key to enjoying mouthwatering flavours until the last drop.

Clean artwork and bright color are attractive to consumer groups who need a stylish and trendy disposable vape.

As more vapers are finding an easy and pleasing vape experience, FLERBAR desire to offer a great tasting, convenient, easy-to-use, pocket-friendly, and exquisite disposable vape. After witnessing the popularity of disposable vapes, FLERBAR latched onto their effectiveness as a healthier alternative to smoking. The R&D team of FLERBAR decides to use vegetable glycerin, medical propylene glycol herbal extract, and natural perfume as the main ingredients for each disposable vape.

From the full range of twenty flavors, Tobacco, Fruit, Mint, and beverages are all featured. FLERBAR has certainly hit the ground vaping! The flavors tested were bright and bold. This, alongside cautious vapor production, means FLERBAR will be instantly accessible to the new vapers. Simple, single flavors have never tasted so good. FLERBAR’s flavor and vaping experience are highly appraised by reviewers and users in Europe.

FLERBAR also works with one of the EU’s Largest Compliance Agency – ARCUS to ensure everything we do is beyond bulletproof when we talk about EUTPD. All FLERBAR teams are aiming to provide users with a worry-free experience.

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