The Future of The Cannabis Vape

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As the footprint of legal cannabis grows at the statewide level, consumers now have a plethora of products available at their fingertips. The wider the range of products offered, the more discerning consumers become. While smoking cannabis flower has been the main method of the past, the future of recreational use is in vaping concentrates.

The convenience and discretion that vaping offers meets the needs of a diverse base of cannabis users, from longtime allies of the plant, to the much-welcomed newcomers that recreational legalization brings.

The vape industry has expanded and moved beyond the disposable first-generation batteries, with innovative and specialized proprietary systems with Airo Brands, paving the way. The leaps and bounds from joints and blunts, to compact and convenient interfaces in the last few years, are setting the stage for what we can look forward to in the future. As technology advances, and demand for future tech to be smaller and lighter, vaporizer companies will follow emerging trends, but also continue to engineer hardware that is efficient at capturing more of the cannabis concentrates than previous versions. The next generation of vapes will be sleek enough to fit in your pocket, but still hit hard enough to pay tribute to their predecessors of joints and blunts.

When vaping technology was first introduced, one of the limitations was that the hardware could only vaporize super viscous oils like pure distillate. While distillate remains one of the purest and highest potency concentrates, we are starting to see a wider variety of more full spectrum products such as live resin be put to use in vaporizers.

The innovations of vaping tech have only scratched the surface of utilizing all that the oil has to offer. We are now seeing more live resins and full spectrum oils with varying viscosities pair well with available hardware. The growing demand for hardware that can vaporize concentrates and still produce a strong entourage effect, will drive innovation forward. Looking ahead, we can expect to see the hardware be able to vaporize thicker concentrate blends like live rosin or budder.

As consumers adopt modern cannabis rituals, they look to discover products with cutting edge technology. The evolved and educated user seeks trusted brands with reputable sourcing and manufacturing. After the vape scare of 2019, these topics are on the forefront of the everyday vaper’s mind. Transparency in processing and testing of the concentrates, as well as studies on the long-term effects of inhalation via vaporizer components, is of the utmost importance. Unknown brands with little to no customer service, or information on product sourcing will fall to the bottom shelf, if not off the shelf.

The brands that will prevail though, will be the ones who offer exceptional customer service, along with comprehensive information about their concentrates and terpene additives. When shopping through the multitude of vaporizer offerings, a good rule of thumb is to ‘Buy it Nice or Buy it Twice’. Look for a device that has a warranty or includes maintenance instructions. Like a quality tool in your garage, if you want something that lasts, it must be maintained. Avoid batteries that will end up in a landfill before your cartridge is even finished.

Cannabis oil cartridges are mostly made of distilled cannabis oil with reinfused food-grade terpenes for flavor and medicinal benefits. Based on where the market is heading, we are only at the beginning and the future is promising. Vaping true full spectrum products with range in consistency will be the next step.

The pros to vaping already set a precedent. The freedom of having access and convivence to a portable device in your pocket that delivers instant results is something that wasn’t possible that long ago. Terpenes and cannabinoids vaporize at different temperatures. Having the ability to change the temperature or heat setting with the press of a button is connoisseur status. This should be available to all patients and users, allowing them to dial in certain effects at an accurate and consistent level.

The cons to vaping are exciting, however, because it highlights where the future of the industry can lead to and where things need improving. Many have said that vaping is not as effective as smoking flower. This could be due to the entourage effect that flower provides, and not having the technology to mimic that in a portable vape.

Being aware of the potency of vaporizing is important. Smoking flower is dependent on strain and cultivation practices will vary in THC%. However, it is rare to see strains above 30% THC content. With a vaporizer and standard cartridge, the THC% usually starts around 30% and ranges much higher. This is a pro or a con depending on perspective. On one hand less is more, however if you are not aware that vaporizing tends to be more concentrated you could end up with more than anticipated.

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