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Imagine a month dedicated to abruptly ending nicotine use, to quitting cold turkey.

Hooked on nicotine? In memory of NoNic4Neal, created by recovered nicotine addicts for nicotine addicts, welcome to the first annual NoNicJune.

Midway between failed New Year’s quitting resolutions, what better time to at last get serious about reclaiming your freedom, priorities, time, mouth, thinking, self-esteem, coins, health, and life?

How is NoNicJune different than other annual quitting events? While tomorrow, May 31, is World No Tobacco Day, as any tobacco user who has attempted quitting knows, one day simply isn’t enough.

National No Smoking Day (March) and the Great American Smokeout (November) are single-day events too but exclusively for smokers.

The UK NHS’s Stoptober (October) actually discourages cold turkey and pushes vaping e-cigs and NRT so hard that calling it SwitchTober might be more appropriate.

But a NoNicJune, an entire month of freedom from nicotine, wowsers, now that would be worth celebrating!

What would it be like to no longer chop-up life into the distance between mandatory nicotine feedings? What would it be like to go where you want, bring nothing, stay as long as you like, and permanently silence your never-ending cycle of urges for more? What would it be like to be you again?

As the name suggests, NoNicJune isn’t about promoting replacement nicotine or transfer from one nicotine delivery vehicle to another, cutting down, or inventive gradual nicotine weaning schemes. It’s about abruptly ending nicotine use, the method that each and every year empowers more nicotine-dependent humans to successfully arrest their addiction than all other methods combined.

Why now? Unfortunately, an army of frustrated nicotine replacement product (NRT) research professors awoke to the fact that, under real-world conditions, NRT is ineffective and gets trounced by cold turkey.

They could have responded by conducting long neglected research into discovering and sharing the keys to successful cold turkey quitting, or into why NRT prevails within clinical trials yet flops in real-world use. Instead, nearly all have chosen the easy way out, a total surrender to nicotine.

Recently, scores have authored medical journal articles effectively telling doctors that nicotine is the cure for nicotine use disorder, that physicians need to start encouraging smoking patients to transfer to e-cigs, smokeless tobacco, or new heat-not-burn products.

Why is NoNicJune needed? Because there is a massive and growing “quitting” disconnect. Because 61-62 percent of surveyed e-cigarette users say that they want to quit vaping, while nearly all the “experts” are telling them that they already have, that nicotine isn’t the problem.

The ongoing academic debate is about whether e-cigs hook more kids than the number of smokers benefitted by transfer to cleaner delivery. Totally lost in the crosstalk is, whether a vaping kid or former-smoker, what’s the cure for the cure?

NoNicJune recognizes that the most immediate harm isn’t some disease months, years, or decades down the road but how each and every waking hour until then gets lived, as nicotine’s obedient slave.

So, if you or a friend have long dreamed of freedom from nicotine we invite you to explore the following NoNicJune starting points while helping us share the #NoNicJune hashtag. Together, helping motivate and empower just one hooked nicotine user at a time, yes we can!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x23)

10 NoNicJune Starting Points

  • WhyQuit
  • 100 Quit Smoking/Vaping Tips
  • Smart Turkey (free ebook)
  • Never Take Another Puff (free ebook)
  • Freedom from Nicotine – The Journey Home (free ebook)
  • Joel’s Library
  • Joel’s Daily Quitting Lesson Guide
  • Joel’s YouTube Video Library
  • Turkeyville (support group)
  • Cold Turkey Quitters (support group)

Knowledge is a Quitting Method

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