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You can find multiple brands that sell THC products these days. Since the 2018 Farm Bill, their popularity has shot up in general. But some brands have garnered better reviews and love from people.

So the THC vape pens these brands make are some of the most successful products. Their quality and many other factors make them user favorites. So let us look at some of the most flourishing companies that make THC vapes.

What Are THC Vape Pens?

You may know THC as a cannabinoid in cannabis or marijuana plants. Additionally, it is a substance involved in highs- but possesses some benefits. Users find immense relief in the product and appreciate using it for multiple purposes.

However, it has psychoactive properties, which means it is intoxicating. So, experts often suggest being very careful with the dosing of these products. Otherwise, you may have an overdose and experience an adverse effect.

Vape pens may be the most used of the many THC products available. These pens are light and small- so you can carry them anywhere. Moreover, they give you the benefits of THC like no other product can.

Why Have THC Vapes Gained Popularity?

You may wonder why you hear so much about THC vapes in the market. Many other products, like edibles, offer the same substance. So why are they not as known and used as vape pens are?

Well, the secret to THC vapes’ success is not their THC. It lies in their efficiency and features.

Firstly, vaping gives you the fastest and most intense THC results. Similarly, they are not too expensive- so most people can buy them. And though they may seem showy, they are discreet if you want them to be.

But finally, many companies like the ones given below manufacture functional products. Their sleek design combined with the battery power makes them ideal. Hence, it is no wonder that they are topping the THC market.

Which THC Vape Companies Are Most Successful?

If you go online and search for THC vapes, you will get hundreds or even thousands of results. Among these are many companies that produce the product. But not all of these companies are mainstream and popular.

Some companies have gained loyal users and immense respect due to their impeccable product quality. However, there is no particular order to these as all have a fair share of popularity. Here are seven top brands known for their THC vapes and other similar products:

Exhale Wellness

The brand comes from LA, California, and has one of the biggest user bases. It is so popular that most users know the brand even though they haven’t necessarily used the products. But their success roots in their unrivaled product quality. The company boasts a team of experts who grow, process and pack the best weed. They make it into vape pens and multiple other products to use. Moreover, their products are organic and third-party tested, so you can ensure they are high-quality.

Diamond CBD

Another brand you may have heard of; also thrives in its product quality. Although their quality is their main reason for success, they also make some pretty potent vapes. So experienced users especially enjoy having a better hit. Diamond CBD comes from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and has many flavors. Users state that it makes vaping more enjoyable with the perfect potency and delicious flavors.


TREHouse is another brand coming from California that creates great THC pens. Their most loved products include mixed vapes with multiple kinds of THC. Users like having a mix-and-match combo of THC types. They have multiple flavors and strains for you to select. Most users who adore the brand also find their vapes highly potent. Even a puff can yield the desired effects for most of their users.

Hollyweed CBD

Although you might not have heard of this Californian brand as much as the others, it has a huge fan base. And the users especially admire how transparent the brand is with its products and advising system in general. Most brands would write anything to get you to buy their products, but this brand offers genuine information. Hence, users often turn to their products to find items most relevant to them in high quality too.


This brand may not ring a bell, but it is popular among users for its unique feature. It is the most pocket-friendly brand that still offers high-quality products. The brand is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where it creates THC vapes. But even though they offer better prices, they still need to reduce the quality. They still ensure that the products have no harmful additives and test them for such issues.


BudPop comes from California, like most other companies on this list. It has many innovative yet user-friendly vape designs to offer. But their style and features may differ from why users adore them. They offer some of the best deals like discounts, coupon codes, etc. As a bonus, they come in various flavors you can try. And they are relatively inexpensive but moderately priced.


The Koi CBD brand began in Norwalk, California, from where it grew to the company it is today. It puts faith in the purity of the products they offer its customers. And true to the brand’s belief- the users adore their products. They have multiple steps to ensure that the products do not have additives. So, they are some of the safest products to try. Moreover, they offer sweet deals on the official website to help you save.


You may already know that vape pens are perhaps the most popular THC product in the market. But multiple companies produce various vapes to sell to customers, so the competition is fierce.

Even in such a market, some brands have made their name in producing high-quality products. Due to many reasons like quality, affordability, and more, the above brands are current leaders in the THC product market.

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