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To say the Amber Heard trial was like a televised circus is still putting it mildly. Honestly, the number of bizarre moments could fill five lists of equal size. From day one, it was evident that this defamation trial was going to be unlike anything we had ever seen. From witnesses who legitimately seemed annoyed to be there to a glowing lawyer, it was nothing if not compelling television. And though how it would play out became quite transparent early on, it was still hard to look away. They say drivers always crane their necks to check out car wrecks, and that is a strong metaphor for what we all did for six weeks. Now that justice has been served we thought it might be surreal to look back on the ten most exceptionally insane moments from the bizarre Amber Heard trial.

10. Vaping and Driving During Their Testimony

Alejandro Romero launched himself into instant meme status with his testimony on behalf of Depp. We can safely say that is the first time we’ve ever seen someone vape during a trial. On top of that, he is vaping in his car while driving and while giving testimony. This happened early enough in the trial and set the tone for what was to come.

Keep in mind, Romero gave great testimony and was clearly honest. Not everyone may agree with how he delivered it but showed early on who the court would be in favor of at the end of all this.

9. TMZ Witness Claps Back Hard and Wins the World Over

Speaking of good witnesses, we would be remiss, not to mention Morgan Tremaine. The former TMZ employee who was clearly there to tell a true story and wasn’t down with wasting any time. Heard’s lawyer Elaine Bredehoft seemed to make a pretty pointed remark about “15 minutes of fame,” which Tremaine shut down immediately like a boss.

The world may not like paparazzi, but this guy won all of us over with his smug authenticity.

8. Calling Your Own Client the Wrong Name

Elaine Bredehoft is at it again. From the start of the trial, it was evident she was in over her head. Heard seemed like a challenging client with some brutal things to defend, but Bredehoft seemed to drop the ball every time it was passed to her. But in terms of bizarre moments in the Amber Heard trial, this one is up there.

When it finally came time for Bredehoft to call Heard to the stand, she called her by her middle name first. She screwed up the name of her client. Not a good way to take the stand.

7. The Muffin Man

Dr. Shannon Curry made quite an impression on the world. We will avoid talking about her looks as that is crass, but the internet took to her pretty quickly. You know who didn’t? Heard’s defense team. And while a thousand things could have been their focus, they fixated on one very minor detail.

Curry’s husband had made some muffins she had brought the troubled couple, and this became a talking point for the defense team. Even though the muffins had nothing to do with anything. To her credit, Dr. Curry shut them down about it quickly and efficiently.

But this begs the question…

6. “I’m Trying….”

Elaine Bredehoft was seemingly having a “bad bad no good” time throughout this whole trial. It just seemed like every shot she took was a miss. And when most lawyers go through that they try to use it as an incentive to perform better. What professional lawyers DON’T ever do is express their exhaustion out loud. It is wickedly unprofessional, and also shows you know you are losing.

Lawyers need to have good poker faces. It is a huge aspect of what they do. So for Bredehoft to essentially sigh out loud and mumble that she is trying to a courtroom of people was, by definition, one of the most bizarre moments of all.

Never wear your defeat on your sleeve.

5. THAT Guy

His name is Dr.Speigel, and he seemed like he walked right out of a cartoon. Looking like a sketch some kid would make of a mad scientist brought to life. He is Rick from Rick and Morty, only minus the charm and I.Q. And from the first moment he took the stand, he was quite unpleasant. Displaying seemingly strange body ticks and face spasms, he was also quite argumentative and stand-offish.

Truth is, while Heard may walk away from the most abhorred after this, Dr. Spiegel is a close second for many. He just seemed like a very unpleasant guy who was only there to get paid.

Also, what was up with is face?

Like we said, a cartoon character. Hard to watch the above clip and argue that point.

4. “My Dog Stepped on a Bee”

If there is one moment from the trial that went viral and got meme status, it was this one. With good reason, too. It just felt like such an irrelevant, weird factoid to bring up. It added nothing to her story, and the face she made after saying caused some people to think she had a stroke on the stand.

But oh, the world took to it quickly, and the end result is pure art:

The best part is you know she had no idea about this trend until the trial got out. So in essence, she lost and then went home to discover she had become 2022’s best meme. The dog has still yet to make a public statement, but the bee is lawyering up from what we hear.

3. Camille Glowing Like a Golden Goddess

There is nothing that needs to be said here. Camilla Vasquez played the trial with a constant A-game. She quickly rose in popularity above everyone else involved, and the world fell in love with her. So to see her take the stand with a beam of light hitting her like she’s a superhero felt just right.

Also, this was the universe letting us know which side was going to win. As if we didn’t know by this point.

2. Objecting Your Own Question

It is safe to say this is something no human will ever see again. It’s never happened before in a case and will most likely never happen again. This was the moment people officially started thinking the bizarre Amber Heard trial was some social experiment. It just felt too weird and surreal to even be true. To pose a question to a witness and then scream objection when they try to answer you is not a good look.

Heard’s team just seemed to be rookies playing in the big leagues. But the trial was heavy and stupid moments like this brought some laughter, so we aren’t complaining. And now from number two to number two….

1. “Dropping a Grumpy”

Another one we don’t need to talk about as it has been talked to death at this point. Heck, all we have to say is “a grumpy,” and you know what we are talking about. Honestly, it doesn’t get much more bizarre than that. Fact is, we are just glad the bizarre Amber Heard trial is over. If nothing else, maybe the world will learn from the fallout of these two.

That way no one will be doomed to repeat it.

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