Startup Goodrays creates CBD for every occasion


Goodrays, a start-up established in 2020, has created a wide range of CBD products, including oils, gummies, and drinks, for different consumer occasions. Their drinks range was launched in Tesco and Waitrose stores in the UK last year, increasing the growth of the drinks category in one supermarket for the first time a stimulating growth for their drinks category for the first time. Eoin Keenan, the CEO of Goodrays, believes that the demand for healthy alternatives for modulating cognition is growing, with a more holistic outlook on health among consumers, not just treating problems. Keenan believes that CBD gummies and drinks, with their 25mg and 30mg CBD content, respectively, are based on scientific research that shows a clinical effect of at least 70% efficacy in consumers. He believes his company’s role is to educate CBD consumers and allow everyone access to high-quality, premium CBD products. He also highlights the key consumer usage of CBD for sleep, anxiety, and stress.

Keenan’s specific background in medical cannabis and CBD as a treatment for general anxiety disorder and insomnia fueled his passion for creating natural ways to reduce sleeplessness, anxiety, and stress. His journey led him to form Europe’s largest consultancy for CBD and medicinal cannabis, the Prohibition Partners, and later, the founding of Goodrays. Despite the 2019 Food Standards Agency regulation that classified CBD as a novel food, halting further brands or products in the market, Keenan recognizes the growth possibilities of the comprehensive range of Goodrays. The company remains compliant while waiting for new regulatory developments to launch new innovations.

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