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Simply practical

Under its minimalist design, the Xros 3 has all the essential features of a pod designed both for beginners and more experienced vapers. With its adjustable airflow, it is adapted both to tight or airier vaping depending on the time of day. A simple but effective pod.

Technical specs

Pod dimensions 115.1×23.6×13.7mm
Pod weight 45g
Charging USB-C
Battery 1000 mAh
Range of use Automatic
Tank capacity 2ml

What’s in the box?

  • Pod
  • USB cable
  • User guide

Ideal for beginners

On the underside of the Xros 3 pod there’s a USB-C connector for fast charging. With a 1000 mAh battery, it doesn’t take long to charge up. Assembly is tidy with no sharp plastic and everything fits together tightly. Weighing just 45g, the Xros 3 slips easily into a pocket or bag.

On one side of the Xros 3 is the fire button used to produce vapour and also to switch the pod on and off. Vapour can be produced by pressing this button or by inhaling directly, thanks to automatic firing. You can also vape while the pod is charging. On the other side, a small slide adjusts the air intake to cool the coil and modifies the draw. This adjustment is perfectly adapted to the two cartridges for mouth-to-lung (like a tobacco cigarette) or direct-to-lung vaping.

The cartridge is fitted on the top of the battery. It is held in place by two powerful magnets which make sure it stays firmly in place. We didn’t notice any lateral play during the test phase. There weren’t any leaks either.

To fill the 2ml cartridge, you need to take off the mouthpiece. Simply twisting it gives easy access to the filling hole. The hole is covered with a flexible membrane with a X cut into it for easy insertion of the bottle tip and to ensure it’s leakproof when the pod is not upright. Narrow bottle tips make filling easier.

The Xros 3 comes with two new cartridges. These 0.6 ohm and 1 ohm cartridges both have a mesh coil from the Corex collection for extended flavour delivery. During our tests, we got the best results with fruity and mint e-liquids. Gourmet and classic flavours are not to be outdone either, but require a considerable reduction in airflow to get a warm to hot vape.

The pod automatically detects the value of the coil, thanks to the Axon chipset, and offers the optimum power for each coil value.

A more compact version of the Xros 3 is also available from Vaporesso. The Xros 3 Mini, as its name suggests, is slightly more compact. It has the same battery, but differs in that its airflow openings are fixed. It is impossible to modify the draw during inhalation. This is not a problem in itself, but means it is less versatile. An ideal product for users who don’t want any adjustment on their vaping device.

Whether you use the Xros 3 or its more compact Mini version, the results are very good. The vapour produced is in keeping with the capacity. You can easily keep your vaping options open for a discreet or slightly cloudier vape to suit your personal preference. Whether you are new to vaping or a more experienced vaper, the Xros 3 is suitable both to help you stop smoking and for use as a backup device. With no technical settings to adjust, you don’t need any particular skill to use it, apart from filling the cartridge. The fact that the cartridges are disposable is a downside from an ecological point of view.


 What we like

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Good flavours
  • Two vaping styles

 What we don’t like

  • Disposable cartridge

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