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Nov 19, 2022

Brad Johnson

Executive Editor
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PHILIPPI — Officials are investigating why three Philip Barbour High School students were taken by ambulance to Broaddus Hospital Friday.

Barbour County Superintendent of Schools Jeff Woofter sent out the following voice message to PBHS parents at about 1:30 p.m. Friday:

“This is a message for all parents. Today we have three students at Philip Barbour High School that have been transported to the hospital after becoming ill, due from what we believe are unknown contents from vaping.

“We are working with law enforcement to get to the bottom of this incident. We are asking all parents to speak to their children about adjusting things using vapes, or any other method.

“Although the incident today happened at the high school, it could happen at any school. The vapes are so small and very easily concealed.

“Again, please speak with your children. Don’t underestimate the dangers of vaping.”

Woofter has said that both the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office and Barbour County Schools are investigating the incident.

On Friday evening, the Barbour County Sheriff’s Office released a statement saying the students were “having very serious and adverse reactions to something. We don’t know what that substance was and respectfully request the public not to assume what that substance was. We need to focus on the health of the students involved.

“We believe it to be some substance used with a vape but this is not confirmed at this time as the investigation is ongoing. We are confident that it was NOT fentanyl as the symptoms do not fit what a fentanyl overdose resembles. Also, Narcan did not have to be administered.

“We will continue to work towards completing the investigation and seek disciplinary action to those involved with disciplinary action to those involved with distributing any foreign/illegal substance into the school.”

In a second call to parents Friday evening, Woofter said all three students transported to the hospital had been treated and released.

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