Must-Have Items for a Post-Lockdown Day Out

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As we pass the first anniversary from when the country was first plunged into lockdown, we would not be surprised if many people reading this and beyond have found themselves yearning for both what was and what could be. Trust us; you are not the only ones!

With the light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel becoming more apparent by the day, it is difficult not to feel optimistic about the future and to make plans both in our head and on paper as to what we will be doing with our freedom once more.

Baring this in mind, if you are planning your next bottomless brunch or a day of retail therapy with your friends, then you are in luck! We have compiled an easy-to-read list below, detailing some of the must-have items for a post-lockdown day out.

Trendy Bag

When heading out to cocktails or some mid-afternoon drinks in the sun in the pre-Covid-19 world, we would generally just take a small clutch bag or something that could comfortably house the essential items; think phone, purse, keys, and lipstick.

While these will undoubtedly still be essential items for heading out with your friends post-lockdown, there are some other things that we will probably still need to carry around with us. As a result, it is perhaps best to choose a bag to take out to fit the essential items listed above and others.

With a variety of trendy bags available in numerous shapes and sizes, you can rest assured that you will be able to find something that not only suits your tastes but that will also complement the outfit that you have chosen for your big day out!

Regarding essential items that we may still have to carry with us on days out post-lockdown, this leads us to our next point.

Hand Sanitisers and Face Masks

The two things that we have become somewhat accustomed to throughout the last year and which have also become staple items of our day-to-day lives when out of the house. With the UK government stating that the use of face masks will most probably be needed as we emerge from lockdown, they are undoubtedly something that should be factored into our plans for post-lockdown.

While you could very well opt for the blue face masks that we have grown used to, you also could branch out and find something that will not only protect you but that will look fashionable as well.

Much like selecting a trendy bag, you can choose a face mask that compliments your outfit or makes you stand out from the crowd. Concerning hand sanitiser, some creative people have been using repurposed vintage designer bags to create luxury holders for bottles of hand sanitiser. You can make sure you can keep your hands clean but in a luxurious way. What more could you want?

Vape Pens

Whether you have made your 2021 resolution to quit smoking or made the decision a while ago, there is no surprise that with the wide variety of vape juices and flavours available, that this is a habit that has increased in popularity over the last decade.

That being said, this is undoubtedly a must-have item when heading out on a post-lockdown day out, especially if you are someone who has recently stopped smoking or are reluctant to share cigarettes or loose tobacco with a stranger in the smoking area of the bar you are heading to.

Not to mention, vaping appears somewhat more luxurious than smoking cigarettes; you could match the colour of your vape pen to what you are wearing or other accessories that you might have on your person.

The Vape House are one of the many reputable businesses out there, who have all you would require to prepare yourself for a post-lockdown day out. Check out their website for the full range of products, with something available to suit various tastes – quite literally – and budgets.


While we can use our phones to take photos and videos of what we are doing, there is something special about taking pictures on a camera. With the increased interest in disposable cameras thanks to social media platforms like TikTok, making them somewhat aesthetic, this would also be a great thing to take on your post-lockdown day out.

Not only will you be able to document the antics that you get up to, but you will have physical copies of your memories once you get the films developed. If going retro is not your thing, then there is also the opportunity to take a Polaroid or digital camera out with you too. You will have professional-looking photos and endless Insta-worthy posts ready to go! Sounds ideal, if you ask us.

We hope you have enjoyed this piece and feel inspired as to what you should take on your first day out. One thing is for sure; it is going to be a rather glorious time in all our lives, one we have waited a long time for, and which we should fully enjoy!

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