JUUL Hit With 3 New Suits Over…

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JUUL Vape Marketing Safety Class Action Lawsuit Overview:

  • Who: Thirty JUUL users have hit JUUL Labs, Inc and Altria Group Inc with three new lawsuits.
  • Why: The consumers say the companies marketed JUUL as safe alternatives to cigarettes and targeted teens.
  • Where: The lawsuits were filed in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles. 

JUUL has been hit with three new lawsuits over its marketing of vape products as safe alternatives to regular cigarettes, with the lawsuits alleging the company targeted teens with advertising that would make them feel vaping was “cool.” 

In the three complaints filed by 30 JUUL users Apr. 25 in a Los Angeles court, the plaintiffs allege that JUUL Labs, Inc. and Altria Group Inc., two companies accused of fueling the vaping epidemic among teenagers, knowingly marketed to underage consumers. 

“None of these advertisements prominently disclosed that JUUL was addictive, contained nicotine and was unsafe,” according to the lawsuits.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuits allege that they began using JUUL’s e-cigarettes as adults and have since suffered from nicotine addiction, seizures, heart and lung problems and other ailments as a result of the allegedly defective and unsafe design. 

The three new lawsuits are part of a consolidated proceeding encompassing thousands of claims in California. 

JUULl Targets Teens With ‘Safe Alternative’ to Regular Cigarettes, Lawsuits Claim

The lawsuit says Juul applied the template for preying on teens established by the cigarette industry with its “Vaporized” campaign, which used themes of sexual attractiveness, thinness, independence, rebelliousness and being “cool.”

Under the guise of a safe alternative, JUUL exposes people who haven’t used tobacco before to highly addictive products, the plaintiffs say.

Meanwhile, JUUL makes it easy to purchase its products through online sales and a subscription service on its website. The plaintiffs are seeking damages, medical expenses and a jury trial.

In December, JUUL and Altria reached a $90 million class action settlement with investors who said the pair knowingly marketed to underage consumers. 

If you or a loved one began having seizures after you started using JUUL pods or Vuse, you may qualify to join a class action lawsuit investigation (links to paid attorney content).

The plaintiffs are represented by Paul R. Kiesel, Mariana A. McConnell and Nicole F. DeVanon of Kiesel Law LLP and Barrett Beasley, Robert L. Salim and Lisa Causey-Streete of Salim- Beasley LLC.

The JUUL Teen Marketing Lawsuits are Gipson et al. v. Juul Labs Inc. et al., Case No. 22STCV13636, Mojica et al. v. Juul Labs Inc. et al., Case No. 22STCV13669, and Rosvold et al. v. Juul Labs Inc. et al., Case No.  22STCV13643, and the consolidated proceeding is Juul Labs Product Cases, JCCP No. 5052, all in the Superior Court of the State of California, County of Los Angeles. 

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