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Past years have been an evident example of smoking addiction in the world. With time, smoking has become very prevalent in adults and teenagers. Several factors are responsible for cigarette addiction among people, and plenty of studies give insights into the harms of smoking. So, to ditch those side effects, youngsters started using vaping, which is fun, flavored, cool, and thought to cause minimal harm to the body. Is vaping better than cigarettes? Will vaping have any effect on your throat, breathing, and mouth? Are the chances of getting cancer the same with vaping and cigarettes? When we think of taking a puff of vape in our bodies, several questions pop into mind. Let’s dig deep into the modern vaping trend and find out if it is the right thing for your lungs.

What happens when you vape?

The process of taking in e-cigarettes and smoking a cigarette is the same. Both of the things require heating a substance and inhaling the resulting fumes. In traditional cigarettes, tobacco is burnt and smoked, whereas, in vaping, vape liquid is heated until it turns into fumes and is inhaled.


How is vaping better than cigarettes?

The Major difference between cigarettes and Juul is the absence of tobacco in the latter. Both these things have nicotine which makes them addictive. The plus point is that vaping does not cover your lungs with a blanket of black tar-like cigarettes. Also, a few studies have shown that The level of carcinogens from e-cigarettes is negligible compared to smoking cigarettes. The ratio falls to 1:50. Vaping is a better way of taking in nicotine than cigarettes.

What are the ingredients in a Juul?

Unlike cigarettes, vape mods have plenty of harmful ingredients that may cause harm to the health. It contains Diacetyl, which is used to give flavors to the Juul. It is known to small damage passageways in the lungs. Other than this, another substance found is Formaldehyde. It is known to cause heart disease. Lastly, they use acrolein in vapes, which has the potential to harm the lungs.

Is vaping Completely safe for human consumption?

Anything that is addictive can not be completely safe for the body. Since the use of vape mods is notably new, enough studies have not even been conducted to justify its use. Some substances found in Juul are found to be cancer-inducing. A few researchers have concluded that vaping with or without nicotine harms health. Several Juul users have breathing problems, chronic cough, and blood-induced coughing.

Besides, misconceptions regarding vaping and smoking are more prevalent than expected. Experienced smokers try vaping to quit cigarettes, whereas some vapers upgrade to smoking cigarettes. The cycle of smoking is a never-ending vicious circle, so don’t indulge in it if you haven’t so far. It is not easy to quit vaping either. But, if compared to cigarettes and joints, Vape mods are gems.

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