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Many people who suffer from anxiety are excited at the prospect that CBD could work for them. It doesn’t make them “high” and has few side effects, unlike some anti-anxiety pharmaceutical drugs. When using CBD for anxiety, individuals need to find which product and dosage work best for them. CBD is not regulated by the FDA, but it is federally legal if it contains 0.3% of THC or less. CBD is usually extracted from the hemp plant. Here are six factors to consider if you want to use CBD for anxiety. 

1. Choose the right form of CBD for you

  • Oils and tinctures come in dropper bottles. Placing drops under the tongue means they enter the bloodstream quickly. You can easily judge how much you are taking and adjust the dosage as necessary.
  • Gummies are chewable and often come in delicious fruit flavors. You may be surprised by the potency of some CBD gummies. Just CBD gummies potency makes them a good choice for treating anxiety, and they come in a great variety of flavors.
  • Capsules are soft gels or tablets that you can pop in your mouth like any other pill. 
  • Creams and gels introduce CBD through your skin as a more localized treatment. 
  • Flowers are dried hemp plants that you smoke. 
  • Vapes heat the CBD oil without igniting it and create an inhalable vapor. 

You may have to try out different forms of CBD to find out what best addresses your anxiety. Vaping and smoking CBD or using a tincture offers quicker results than using edibles like gummies. Vaping may be a good way to get quick results if you feel a panic attack coming on. Gummies and other edibles take effect more slowly, but the effects last for longer. They will help to keep you feeling calm throughout the day. 

2. Buy CBD products from reputable companies

If you want to treat your anxiety with CBD, you need to make sure it’s a quality, pure product. CBD products have flooded the market, and the quality of products can vary significantly. You want a product that’s been tested in a laboratory to make sure it doesn’t contain any contaminants. 

The hemp plant readily absorbs contaminants from soil, and they can find their way into a product. There are also various ways to extract CBD, and CO2 extraction is the cleanest and most reliable method. The label on a product should align with the test results and confirm ingredients, quantities etc. If a product does not contain what’s stated on the label, you can’t be sure about the results it will offer. 

3. Consider using broad or full spectrum products

Current evidence suggests that using a broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD product may be more effective than using a CBD isolate. More research is necessary to confirm this, but the theory is that compounds from the cannabis plant work better in tandem than they do in isolation. An isolate is pure CBD without any other ingredients. A broad-spectrum product contains all the components of the hemp plant but contains no THC. A full spectrum product contains all the plant components and a trace of THC but not more than 0.3%. 

4. Find the right dosage for your anxiety

CBD dosage can vary greatly, depending on factors such as your symptoms, previous CBD use and your body weight. Experts suggest that you start with a small dose and gradually increase it depending on how your body reacts. 

Clinical trials of CBD for anxiety often involve using high doses of CBD, such as 600mg for Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Some trials have found that lower doses are also effective in treating anxiety. From 25mg to 75mg have been found to help with generalized anxiety and sleep problems. There have been a number of studies on the use of CBD to treat PTSD that show participants respond well to amounts less than 50mg. A number of recent studies show that CBD has the potential to decrease anxiety, but you will have to find out what dosage works best for you. 

5. Be aware of potential risks

CBD use for anxiety appears to be safe with few to minimal side effects. When taking other medications, you need to be careful about taking CBD as it could interact with them. Many medications, including CBD, are broken down by the same enzymes in the liver. CBD can make other drugs break down more slowly or more quickly. This could increase the side effects or make them less effective. 

You may experience this if you use CBD with other medications such as antidepressants or heart medications. It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare practitioner who understands CBD to find out whether you should use it to treat your anxiety. 


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