How to Perfectly Roll a Joint

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If you are a cannabis user, then you should probably know how to roll a joint. Not only is it one of the favored routes of consumption, a good joint is also a social piece. It is something that you will share with others, so out of respect for them, and yourself, make sure it is a good one.

All to often, I am passed joint here in the US that makes me wonder why all the care and consideration even went into the growing and trimming process. To me, it is like drinking a fine wine from a plastic Solo cup. So, let’s make sure that you are the life of the party, not the joke of it.

This procedure will show you how to quickly and easily roll a joint using cannabis, rolling papers, card stock paper, and an herb grinder. These are all cheap items that any cannabis user should have on hand. I prefer the grinders that have a pollen filter, as it means you can have some keef-loaded joints after you have ground a few grams. For papers, unbleached and natural gums are preferred, however these can be hard to come by in some areas, and so we have shown the most common type. This process also works the same when using the clear, cellulose based rolling papers.

Step 1: Prepare Your Space For Rolling a Joint

A true master can roll a joint while standing up, in the wind, with no table. But we are learning, so be sure to get all your materials ready, have a tray or plate to catch any cannabis that falls, and take a seat in a relaxing place.      

Step 2: Grind It Up

Now that you have your preferred strain of cannabis flower, the first step will be to grind it up to a coarse powder. This will ensure even burning of the joint. If the joint is made with flower that is chunky or wet it will not burn properly, leading to waste and dissatisfaction.

Step 3: Prepare Your Crutch

The crutch is sort of like a filter, it is a rolled up bit of card stock paper to prop open the end of the joint that goes in your mouth. Not only does this make the joint smoking easier and more enjoyable, it prevents leaf matter from entering your mouth, assists in the final shape, and makes the process to roll a joint easier (thus the term ‘crutch’).         

Cut or tear a piece of card stock (in a pinch the cover of the rolling paper pack) about 1.5 by 3 cm. Roll this up into a sort of tube and set aside, ensuring that the end flap is facing AWAY from you.

Step 4: Assemble Your Joint

Hold the rolling paper with your left hand so the crease is down and the glue is on the inside of the flap furthest from you. Place your crutch into the right side of the paper with the flap facing away from you. This is a very important step, maybe the most important for good results. If it is reversed they crutch will open when you are rolling, and lead to disaster.

Once the crutch is in place, switch so that your right hand is holding the paper and crutch at the same time. Use your left hand to pour the ground cannabis flower into the paper, spreading it out so there is a bit more on the left side than the right.

Step 5: Get Ready to Roll the Joint

Now, you are about to do the hard part, so get ready. While holding the joint with your right hand, take your left thumb and start tucking in the flap that is closest to you (the one without the glue) moving from right to left. As you do this, very slightly roll the joint upwards and back with your thumb so the tucked flap stays in place.

Now, rest for a second while holding the joint in your right hand at the crutch. Check that it looks good. There should be no creases, bumps, untucked edges of paper, etc. Go ahead and use your left thumb to smooth things out if needed.

Step 6: Go For It!

When you are ready, start to carefully roll the joint, using only your right finger and thumb, rolling it away from you to tighten the back flap around the joint. When the glue is just about to make contact (and you joint is looking good), then go ahead and lick the glue to seal it up.

Stap7: Tap It, Light It, and Enjoy

Next, consolidate the joint by tapping it on a hard surface. This ensures the cannabis flower is packed throughout the joint and will burn evenly.

If you have followed these instructions exactly then you should have a beautiful and functional joint to enjoy alone or with friends. Now that you know how to roll a joint, you can start to learn about the various other ways to consume cannabis, such as vaping and ingestion. However, you should be aware that the ways you consume cannabis are important when it comes to medical value, and that the routes are different with THC and CBD.

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