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ELF Bar is a worldwide vape brand, particularly popular in the UK.

The company is famous for their wide range of disposable vapes, vape liquids and kits.


Elf bar vapes are a popular tool to help smokers quit the habitCredit: ELFBAR

How many cigarettes are in an Elf Bar 600?

People who are trying to quit smoking cigarettes and switching to Elf Bars instead might be wondering how many cigarettes there are in one of the vapes.

Elf Bar states that the classic Elf Bar 600 is equivalent to approximately 48 cigarettes.

Elf Bars come in 0mg, 10mg, and 20mg nicotine strengths.

This is the concentration of nicotine salt in each Elf Bar.

How many puffs of an Elf Bar equal a cigarette?

An Elf Bar 600 should deliver 600 puffs before it needs to be thrown away.

This means that every 12.5 puffs should equal one cigarette.

Elf bars use nicotine salt instead of the freebase nicotine that you find in cigarettes.

Nicotine salt is also more concentrated than freebase nicotine and according to E-liquids UK, nicotine salt is absorbed by the body faster.

The Elf Bar 3,500 is illegal in the UK, as it contains nicotine in an e-liquid capacity of over 2ml.

But for the sake of comparison, one Elf bar 3500 has 3,500 puffs and is equivalent to 280 cigarettes.

Are Elf Bars better than cigarettes?

Elf Bars are considered better, as they do not contain all 7,000 toxic substances produced by burning cigarettes.

An expert independent review published by Public Health England concluded e-cigarettes are around 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco.

Elf Bars are also cheaper to buy than a pack of cigarettes.

On average an Elf Bar 600 costs £5.

Vaping has been proven to be the most successful method of helping smokers quit.

However, lecturer and researcher Dr Gareth Nye told the Daily Star that there is still potential for lung damage and cancer from vaping.

Dr Nye said: “A 2018 study showed that e-cigarette users had concentrations of metals and volatile chemicals comparable with those of cigarette smokers.”

Dr Mudhar said on TikTok: “If you use Geek or Elf bars, it’s bad news.”

There are some side effects from using Elf bars such as:

  • Dry mouth/throat
  • Cough
  • Nausea
  • Mouth and throat irritation
  • Headaches
  • Shortness of breath

NHS England state that smokers trying to quit will not get the full benefit of vaping unless they stop smoking altogether.

Along with face-to-face support, people who use vapes are twice as likely to quit smoking than those who use other nicotine replacement products.

They recommend getting help from local Stop Smoking Services to give smokers the best chance of stopping.

They do not recommend the use of vapes by non-smokers and young people, especially those under 18.

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