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Hints from Heloise: Vaping

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Today’s Sound Off is the very serious topic of vaping:

Dear Heloise: According to research from Johns Hopkins Hospital, e-cigarette (or vape pen) usage among teens has increased nearly 900% in the past few years. It’s called vaping, and it’s far more dangerous than you might have expected. Nearly 40% of teens who try vaping never smoked before!

Smoking these electronic cigarettes affects the heart and lungs, as dangerous chemicals are inhaled. It can, and often does, cause serious permanent physical damage or, in some cases, death. It raises blood pressure and causes scarring of delicate airways. Nicotine is still present in high concentrations in an e-cigarette, which means they can be as addictive as smoking regular cigarettes.

If you haven’t had a serious talk with your children about vaping, now is a good time to start. Not only is it foolish and dangerous to smoke e-cigarettes, it’s also unhealthy to inhale secondhand smoke from one of these devices. Remind them that it’s not cool and it could be deadly. No matter what their friends say, vaping is dangerous. It can ruin your health for the rest of your life. — Lynda W., Milwaukee


New uses for old winter sweaters:

— Use the sleeves to make “sweater socks” for around the house.

— Slip a small pillow into the body of a sweater, fold or glue the arms underneath, and you’ll have a cozy pet bed.

— Make small animal toys for tots.

— Donate to a worthwhile charity.


Dear Heloise: Since we are all being encouraged to wear a mask, I always carry a couple extra ones in a plastic bag in my purse. I usually don’t forget to wear one, but there are many people who are not used to wearing them, and I can offer one to someone who forgot to mask up before they left home or who left their mask in the car. — Agnes M., Royal Oak, Mich.


Dear Heloise: I make use of those brightly decorated popcorn tins by setting house plants in them when they’re empty and using one in the bathroom as a waste basket. After the holidays I use them to store figurines and odd shaped ornaments. — L.D.W., Waco, Texas

LDW, that’s a wonderful use of popcorn tins! Here are a few other suggestions from some of my other readers: use as a storage tin for large bags of dry dog or cat food. Paint the outside and use as a colorful planter for the patio. Store Christmas dinnerware in a couple of them. Store baby blankets or christening gowns that can be handed down one day to your grandchildren. One woman said she used one as a time capsule, which will be opened 25 years after her daughter’s birth. They are also great for storing small toys or game pieces. — Heloise


Dear Readers: As the temperatures drop, please keep in mind that the bitter cold of winter is very hard on short-haired pets. They belong in the house, where they can be kept safe and warm. — Heloise

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FROM THE VINE Our great restaurants are quite focused on local wines, and most of them at reasonable pricing. Now, during this pandemic, the restaurants are staying alive by offering take-out, and many have lowered wine prices much closer to retail rather than typical restaurant rates.

DEAR ABBY: My 25-year-old son has been dating a girl for two or three months. She seems very nice. She has two children and is pregnant with her third child. She’s due in three months. The child is not my son’s.

DEAR ABBY: My colleagues and I were recently notified that our company is closing next month. My work partner and I have collaborated closely for four years, and he’s an expert at the software I need to know to get a job in my field. When I asked if he would give me a couple of lessons via Zoom, I was thinking it’d be about a three-hour commitment for him. But he was enthusiastic and designed a 20-plus-hour curriculum for me.

In 1945, San Nicolas Island was one of eight candidate sites to detonate the first atomic bomb test before White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico was selected.

DEAR ABBY: I’m responding to the letter from “Open-and-Shut Case in Virginia” (Oct. 20), who complained her son-in-law was “disrespectful” because he didn’t close cupboard doors, cereal boxes, etc. My guess is that “Kirk” is displaying classic symptoms of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD). Multistep tasks may be difficult for him to complete because he is easily distracted.

This past year may have tested our limits but it also reaffirmed our values.

DEAR ABBY: Our 21-year-old daughter has been home since March when the pandemic began. She has always been a homebody. Our house is small, and my wife and I no longer can be alone or be physically intimate because our daughter prevents it.

I then pondered how this dish could be “Latinized,” and discovered that substituting queso fresco for feta spoke to me. Queso fresco can be found in most grocery stores and is usually round and in clear plastic. While all brands are adequate, if you really want to step it up, visit your local carnicería or Mexican supermarket and get fresh cheese from the deli. Carnicería La Mexicana and Carnicería Jalisco in Lompoc and Vallarta Market in Santa Maria, all have excellent selections.

DEAR ABBY: My son had a yearlong affair with his wife’s best friend, which started when the two families took vacations together. My husband and I have always been close to our daughter-in-law and our grandchildren, ages 6 and 10, as well as our son. The divorces are final now, and the lovers are married.

DEAR ABBY: Yesterday, my daughter informed me that her boyfriend will soon come to me to ask for her hand in marriage. She also told me she intends to have both her stepfather and me walk her down the aisle. This creates a huge problem for me.

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