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Herbal Wellness Center – North (Med/Rec)

The Herbal Wellness Center in Pheonix, Arizona is one of the highest rated medical marijuana dispensaries in The Valley of the Sun. They get those ratings with their attentiveness to customers and their loyalty program. They have well known brands such as Vapen, and Organica, while also providing a wide array of their own house – brand products.

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Deals at Herbal Wellness Center – North (Med/Rec)

HWC NORTH 8/13/2022 Daily Flower Special

Valid 8/13/2022 – 8/13/2022

-Get 5 strain specific pre-rolls for $20 *FROM 8AM – 11AM* -Get 5 strain specific pre-rolls for $25 *FROM 11AM – 10PM* Flower Specials: -$15 Eighths on Select Strains: Banana Punch (17.19%) Mimosa (15.62%) B2G1 FREE Orange Apricot (15.28%) Wild OG (16.18%) -$20 Eighths on Select Strains: Donna OG (16.40%) Suga Foot (19.92%) Truck Driver (17.90%) Snow Mac (16.90%) -$25 Eighths on Select Strains: Hell’s Bells (24.22%) Las Vegas Triangle Kush (20.85%) Lemon Do-Si-Dos (20.38%) Peanut Butter MAC (22.59%) Pebbles On Fire (18.56%) Wedding Crashers (17.95%) -$70 Half Ounces Honey Bean (21.51%) Mimosa (17.25%) Pebbles on Fire (18.56%) Purple Punch (22.08%) Suga Foot (23.66%) Sugar Cookies (21.61%) Wedding Crashers (17.95%) -$30 Popcorn Quarters on Select Strains: Banana Punch (17.19%) Lemon Do-Si-Dos (21.59%) Mimosa (17.25%) Orange Apricot (14.67%) Pebbles On Fire (22.36%) Snow MAC (16.90%) Suga Foot (19.92%) Wild OG (16.35%) -$30 Quarters on Select Strains: Banana Punch (17.19%) Mimosa (15.62%) Orange Apricot (15.28%) Snow MAC (16.90%) Wild OG (16.18%) -$40 Quarters on Select Strains: Honey Bean (21.03%) Lemon Do-Si-Dos (21.59%) Pebbles on Fire (18.56%) Peanut Butter MAC (22.59%) Suga Foot (19.92%) Van Helsing (23.23%) Wedding Crashers (22.61%) -Pre-Rolls 2 for $60 Item 9 Tins 25% off Dutcheez STIIIZY BLUNTS $30 each until 11AM, $35 until 10PM


HWC NORTH 8/13/2022 Daily Concentrate Special

Valid 8/13/2022 – 8/13/2022

Concentrate Specials: -$20 Vapen Applicators *Excludes RSO* -$18 Vapen Shatter, Wax & Cake Batter -$25 Vapen Terp Sauce -$16 Giggle Sticks NEW FLAVORS! -$35 Lil G’s (Mini Giggle Sticks) -$25 Lil Doobies HAZE Concentrate -$20 Cured Resin -$25 Live Resin The Inventing Room Rosin $50 ***While Supplies Last***

HWC NORTH 8/13/2022 Daily Cartridge Specials

Valid 8/13/2022 – 8/13/2022

Cartridge Specials: $14 Half Gram Vapen Cartridges $20 Full Gram Vapen Cartridges $30 Vapen Black CDT Cartridges $18 Disposable Cartridges

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1342 Reviews of Herbal Wellness Center – North (Med/Rec)

Pickup went flawless – thank you

this used to be my go to for the bombest flower but now everything tastes nasty and is super weak . where’s the tahoe diesel , serpentine, snake eyes, ice cream cake ? all the fire fire . my last purchase was purple punch I regret it its not good . smells like Reggie

Great prices on good concentrates

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