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HANNIBAL, Mo. (WGEM) – Extra youngsters are vaping on the campuses of Hannibal Public Colleges, district officers say.

Now directors are enactingtougher penalties in an effort to crack down on it.

If college students are caught vaping on campus, or have a vape on them, they’ll face a 10-day suspension.

Excessive Faculty Principal Ted Sampson stated the district enacted this coverage change on Dec. 1 as they’ve seen extra college students vaping over the previous few years.

“We have seen a steady increase in the amount of students found with vapes or using them over the past couple of school years. Obviously that’s been a concern for us with the health risks associated with vaping,” Sampson stated.

Earlier than Dec. 1, college students caught vaping confronted three days of detention.

Excessive Faculty Nurse Claire Bensman stated vaping is a critical situation on the college. She stated some college students don’t even know what’s within their vapes.

“I have had a couple of kids that have come because they vaped, they don’t know what was in it, someone had just given it to them,” Bensman stated. “They ended up being sick and it was kind of a semi-emergency situation that we had to send them to be evaluated by a doctor.”

Hannibal Regional medical Group Pediatrician Dr. Levi Strube stated vaping has detrimental results, as nicotine is addictive and vape juice can comprise dangerous chemical compounds.

“The developing brain of adolescents is prone to addiction, they’re more likely to addicted to activities and nicotine in general and it can lead to more harmful effects down the road including cigarette smoking and other drug use,” Strube stated.

Excessive Faculty Principal Ted Sampson stated vaping can be a distraction within the classroom.

“Kids were asking to leave class and they would be found in the bathroom doing that. And this will hopefully help them focus on being in the classroom and having an education versus having a distraction that pulls them out of the classroom,” Sampson stated.

Sampson stated they’ve already seen fewer college students vaping with the coverage in place.

“I do believe we have seen a decrease in the amount of students that we have seen through the office discipline since that policy has been put in place,” Sampson stated.

Sampson stated college students who’re suspended for vaping can have entry to on-line studying so that they don’t fall behind.

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