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Bongs have been one of many favourite types for smoking hashish and different herbs for millennia. They’re additionally one of many oldest modes, factoring into completely different elements of historical past, in numerous cultures, all through time. Right this moment we would prize our stunning glassware that doubles as artwork, however this was not how the world of bongs really began. Learn on to be taught extra concerning the basic historical past of bongs and waterpipes.

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What are waterpipes?

A waterpipe is a smoking system that makes use of water to filter the smoke being inhaled. The scale and design can range extensively, going from pocket-sized to three-feet excessive plus. The design can range as properly. A waterpipe requires an air and water tight chamber, and that is achieved when the consumer places their mouth on the mouthpiece, closing off air to the chamber the place the water is. The chamber requires a stem main out to a bowl the place one thing may be burned/vaporized for smoke/vapor, and one other opening resulting in a mouthpiece, or that capabilities as a mouthpiece.

Some waterpipes have a 3rd opening, which may go by many alternative names. I do know it because the ‘carb’, however it’s additionally referred to as a ‘choke’, ‘hole’, or ‘turbo’ amongst different names. That is used to clear the smoke that builds within the chamber. The opening is blocked whereas lighting the herbs and inhaling the smoke, after which launched to inhale the built-up smoke within the chamber. Conversely, waterpipes that don’t have this, usually have a bowl that may be faraway from the stem, which capabilities the identical method. Cheaper home-made waterpipes typically have neither.

The time period ‘waterpipe’ can check with a typical bong of as we speak, or a dab which makes use of a bong-like construction to vaporize concentrates, or a bubbler which seems to be like a daily pipe however with a water chamber, or one of the vital well-liked variations the world over, the hookah. Many bongs and different waterpipes additionally make use of a percolator, which is a glass piece used to chill down the air to supply a smoother hit.


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The water utilized in bongs and waterpipes helps to filter the smoke being inhaled, and may make smoking bongs much less harsh on a smoker than a typical waterless pipe. This occurs as a result of the water is ready to entice heavier particles, which retains them from being inhaled by the smoker. Some of the well-liked types of a waterpipe is the hookah, which has traditionally been used for smoking tobacco and opium, though it may be used for hashish as properly. The hookah originates from India, an invention of a physician by the title of Hakim Aboul Futteh Ghilani, who had been treating Emporor Akbar the Nice within the 1500s, which led to his invention.

When the air strikes by way of the water of a waterpipe, it creates the gurgling sound that bongs are recognized for. The consumer places their mouth on the mouthpiece, covers the carb (if there’s one), whereas lighting the herbs within the bowl and inhaling to carry air by way of the water chamber, after which up by way of the mouthpiece. Waterpipes like bongs are recognized for offering very massive hits, and making customers very excessive.

Historical past of bongs on the earth

The historical past of bongs – or no less than from what we’ve discovered up to now – goes again to the Iranian-Eurasian Scyth tribes from what’s now Russia. Roughly 2,400 years in the past, tribal leaders have been utilizing bongs to smoke herbs, and these bongs have been made from gold. The subsequent oldest artifacts date again to round 1100-1400 CE, and relate to the discovering of 11 bongs dated to that point interval, in an Ethiopian cave. They have been made from animal horns and primitive pottery from the time.

In written historical past, bongs begin showing within the 16th century in Central Asia, with the phrase ‘bong’ coming from the Thai phrase ‘buang’, which was used to designate smoking units made out of bamboo. Some of the well-known bong tales comes from Chinese language historical past, throughout the Qing Dynasty. In accordance with the story, Empress Dowager Cixi, who was a Chinese language reagent, was discovered buried with three of her favourite bongs. A few of her bong assortment may even be seen within the Palace Museum as we speak.

It’s unknown when precisely water started getting used with pipes, as previous to water getting used, herbs have been smoked dry, from a daily pipe. It’s believed that the usage of water additionally got here from China throughout the Ming Dynasty, with the design spreading by way of the Silk Highway thereafter. Although waterpipes have been typically related to commoners, Empress Cixi demonstrates how they have been typically the selection of royalty as properly.

After the Qing Dynasty, waterpipes may usually be present in one in all two fashions in Asia: one utilized by nation folks, made from bamboo. And a extra glamorous metallic model utilized by the higher echelons of society. Utilizing glass didn’t grow to be a facet of waterpipes till a lot later, and that got here out of America.

Historical past of bongs in America


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Historic findings point out that tumbler manufacturing on some stage started within the coastal areas of Mesopotamia in 1500-2500 BC, the place glass blowing strategies have been used to make beads and jewellery. It grew in Historical Rome throughout the Hellenistic Interval, when glass was used for pottery and beads, using a selected mosaic approach, referred to as ‘millefiori’. This system itself went out of favor within the 18th century, however got here again within the 19th, and may typically be discovered adorning glass bongs as we speak as implosion model marbles.

The glass business – pushed partially by glass lamp shades made by Louis Consolation Tiffany, of Tiffany & Co. – was gaining in momentum. The bong business was additionally doing very properly in North America as tobacco had grow to be an enormous money crop after the European settlement of America. These two components coincided fantastically within the 1960-70s, with the invention of the glass bong.

The US bong business was spearheaded by a man named Bob Snodgrass, who frolicked following a Grateful Useless tour, and making glass bongs alongside the best way. Following his time as a useless head, Snodgrass took up in Eugene, Oregon, and commenced working with an apprentice. Snodgrass used borosilicate glass to create stronger bongs that may very well be used repeatedly with out breaking. He additionally got here up with the strategy of ‘fuming’ whereby gold and silver are used to place coloring in borosilicate glass.

After all, although this began an precise business, the great thing about bongs is that they are often created from nearly something. I’ve smoked out of an aluminum can, an apple, and a watermelon, simply to call a number of bong-ready objects. The power to create a bong out of so many alternative supplies was in all probability additionally integral in serving to the recognition of the smoking methodology develop, even when it spurred on the business in a non-brand title market method.

The bong take-down of 2003, and a latest resurgence

No matter whether or not they are often made at house, bongs turned large within the US, with a spot in each head store. By the 1990’s, different model title bongs have been getting into the market, like Tommy Chong, who began ‘Chong’s Bongs’. Then, on the top of the business (speculated at being value one billion on the time), the US authorities did what it does greatest, bought in the best way. In 2003, the US authorities invested round $12 million in snuffing out the bong business.

Throughout that point, no less than 55 retailers have been put out of enterprise, together with nearly all of ‘Chong’s Bongs’. Web distributors have been additionally stifled as properly. This aggressive marketing campaign was meant to cease gross sales typically, and, in fact, ignored the truth that on the time (pre-dry herb vapes), utilizing water really created the safer methodology of smoking.

sorts of bongs

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Although bongs aren’t demonized in the identical method anymore (and are sometimes not noted of the dialog solely), they’re nonetheless not part of an organized or model title market. Killing the business on the flip of the century did properly to stage the burgeoning title manufacturers of the time.

Bongs may be troublesome as merchandise, particularly when made from glass. It is because they’ll simply break, which usually renders them ineffective. Most individuals usually tend to purchase a reasonably glass piece, or no matter is at their native smoke store, reasonably than caring about manufacturers. That is wildly completely different than searching for vapes, rolling papers, or weed itself, the place the model title, and product specificity, are extremely essential.

The latest resurgence in bongs may be seen within the beginnings of an precise merchandise market, spurred on by corporations like Thicket, which places out the Thicket Waterpipe bong. This cleverly designed bong is supposed as a journey bong, and transforms from a leak-proof canister which may maintain the water within the bong whereas touring, to its bong kind the place it offers extremely clean hits. Not solely can the bong be stowed with water nonetheless inside, however the water doesn’t should be modified for days at a time, because the bong accommodates an inside ash-catcher which retains the water clear. The corporate does properly to know the breaking of glass elements, providing alternative items for all which is breakable.


As a bong smoker myself, I used to be excited to see Thicket enter the market with a reputation model bong. The corporate did so, leveraging an awesome design that truly affords one thing above normal bong smoking, and out of doors of what a home-made bong can present. If the historical past of bongs tells us something, its that this well-liked methodology of smoking shouldn’t be more likely to go away shortly, irrespective of what number of dabs and vapes are invented. It is going to be fascinating to see if the years to return will carry with them a extra established title model bong market.

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