Groups report epidemic of vaping among teens…


JACKSON, Tenn. — The age of vaping over the years has been decreasing, and yet the dangers are continuously increasing.

“Teen vaping has become an epidemic, truly. We see one in four high school students, sometimes even middle age, middle school aged kids, that have vaping issues,” said Christin Gray, with the Woman’s Clinic and Go Red for the American Heart Association.

With the act of vaping starting so young, children may not understand the true dangers they face with these e-cigarettes.

“When it comes to vaping, everybody is kind of given that false sense of security. It’s better than a cigarette. It’s not as risky. But vaping can cause cardiovascular disease. It can cause asthma, stiffening of the arteries, hypertension, trouble sleeping,” Gray said.

Local organizations, Ford and the American Heart Association, decided to get involved in order to reach these kids and give them the knowledge to better understand the advantage of not vaping.

“They made the decision that they really wanted to make a difference in West Tennessee. So they have committed several years with us of supporting this campaign. So we actually started with them last year, and we started in Dyer County. We went to Dyer County Schools and Dyersburg City Schools, and then we worked in Obion County Schools to do education and awareness and marketing campaigns with the school system,” said Amy Morris, the Regional Director for the American Heart Association in West Tennessee.

The approaches include reaching the students where they are, with activities inside and outside school.

“They go in and they have lesson plans to teach about the dangers of vaping, and they have little crossword puzzles and lessons and things to do to really teach them the dangers,” Morris said.

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