Greatest Hits: Ten Best THC Vape Pens…


Hash pens have earned a distinct reputation of their own. For moderate users, they’re an easy way to get high; for longtime dabbers, they’re an upgrade from those janky nectar-collector days. But while brands constantly experiment with the latest extraction methods to introduce more potent and pure concentrates, few have received an enthusiastic seal of approval from regular users.

Here are some exceptions:

Cookie Cake Cartridge

Select Elite

Select Elite has one of the most consistent, high-potency formulas on the market. Each featured strain stays true to the flower’s terpene profile and effects, and at an affordable price tag. Cookie Cake, an indica-dominant crossbreed between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush, is a rare find that feels light but hits like a truck when you least expect it. It’s tempting, but go slow and hit low, especially if you’re not a regular user.


Colorado-grown Dablogic’s extraction process uses just water, ice, heat and pressure to produce one of the purest resin concentrates on the market. The brand’s line of badder is worthy of a review itself, and where some brands struggle to match the quality of cartridges to their concentrates, Dablogic sets the bar high. It’s definitely a luxury option, but worth the price.


Lazercat says it best about its pens: “They’ll never be the same as a dab, but the convenience can’t be beat.” With its solvent-less rosin formula, hash connoisseurs get a bang for their buck with this luxury option —emphasize on the bang — and regular dabbers will notice its rich, strong hit when compared to what they get with most other cartridges.

Bliss Disposable Pen


Dosist introduced its line of beginner-friendly, low-tolerance pens back in 2016, each with a 2.5 mg timed dosage that targets the desired effect. The Bliss pen — now available as a cartridge and with a THC-plus formula — is great for occasional smokers searching for a giggly high without unwanted side effects like paranoia or anxiety. Plus, the entire line’s convenient, sleek design is a bit of a game-changer.

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