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Dr. Dabber, a leader in quality vaporizer pens and accessories, announced its Web 3.0 Token Gating implementation on DrDabber.com, becoming one of the very first online retailers to offer this feature, Benzinga has exclusively learned.

Through Token Gating, Dr. Dabber grants customers who hold select non fungible tokens (NFTs), access to exclusive products and services.

At the forefront of innovative retail experiences, Dr. Dabber’s Web 3.0 Token Gating feature will realize tangible value in their customers’ Ethereum digital wallets, earning rewards through exclusive product access, discounts and additional perks. 

Through this program, Dr. Dabber encourages NFT holders to become part of its exclusive web community and hopes to inspire its current consumer base to explore the versatile function of NFTs as it relates to web retail. The program’s model intends for the inclusion of new partners, stimulating an ever-evolving dynamic and progressive community.

“We pride ourselves on having a finger on the pulse and being one step ahead of where people expect us to be. By enabling token gating and integrating wallet connectivity to drdabber.com, we are essentially setting ourselves up to grow with the web3 evolution, allowing us to be reactive and take every opportunity this amazing new technology will offer moving forward,” Pantelis Ataliotis, president of Dr. Dabber told Benzinga.

“One of our most popular taglines is Welcome to the Future. We want that message to reverberate across the entire brand and everything we do, not just as a reference to our products and the technology inside them.”

What Kind Of NFTs Do Customers Need To Have Access?

Ataliotis explained that up to now they’re mainly focused on creating relationships with cannabis communities in the NFT space, including its first partnership with Crypto Cannabis Club, an NFT community for stoners, followed by Look Labs and their 420 Game NFTs. 

“Moving forward we also plan on including some of the bigger projects in the space. As a matter of fact, we are currently adding both the Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club to our ‘allowlist’ of NFT on drdabber.com, and that integration should be live by next week,” Ataliotis said.

Cannabis, NFTs And Dr. Dabber 

As active members of the NFT community, Ataliotis said they’ve realized that cannabis is a “warmly accepted and often celebrated” aspect of web3.

“Aside from preparing ourselves and our customers for all the benefits web3 will provide in the future, we are also aiming to engage like-minded individuals and bring awareness to the Dr. Dabber brand within the ‘bleeding edge’ crowd,” Ataliotis concluded.

Photo courtesy of Dr. Dabber


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