Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Vaping


Dozens of reports experiences are freaking out over a research that hyperlinks erectile dysfunction to extreme vaping in males.

NEW YORK — Researchers revealed a research within the American Journal of Preventive Medication claiming that the usage of digital nicotine supply methods (ENDS) is related to erectile dysfunction (ED) unbiased of age, coronary heart illness, and different components in males. The research indicated that males who vaped every day have been greater than twice as prone to have reported the struggling of erectile dysfunction to medical doctors or different professionals.

“The study findings indicate that ENDS use may be associated with ED, independent of age, risk factor profile, and the presence of [cardiovascular disease],” argues the authors of the research, which was formally revealed on November 30, 2021. “While ENDS use is still being evaluated for its harm reduction and smoking-cessation potential, ENDS users need to be informed about the possible harms associated with ENDS use and particularly ENDS current daily use, including ED.”

“This study highlights a novel finding that ENDS use could have serious implications on men’s sexual health,” the research concludes. “Further longitudinal evaluation on the long-term health impacts of ENDS should be performed to clarify whether ENDS use is an independent risk factor for the development of ED.”

“Given that many people use e-cigarettes as a form of smoking harm reduction or to help them quit smoking, we need to fully investigate the relationship between vaping products and erectile dysfunction, and thus better understand the potential implications for men’s sexual health. Our findings underscore the need to study patterns of e-cigarette use that are relatively safer than smoking,” Dr. Omar El Shahawy stated in an announcement for the college’s medical faculty. “Our analyses accounted for the cigarette smoking history of participants, including those who were never cigarette smokers to begin with, so it is possible that daily e-cigarette vaping may be associated with higher odds of erectile dysfunction regardless of one’s smoking history.”

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