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Drug dealers are delivering cannabis-laced vapes direct to schoolyards as the dangerous fad continues to sweep Victorian schools.

The Herald Sun can reveal drug dealers have shifted their focus into selling vapes, with many also delivering nicotine and cannabis vapes directly to teens as young as 14.

Screenshots of drug dealers producing their pricelists to young teenage buyers on encrypted messaging app Wickr shows them selling from as little as $25 for nicotine vapes to $320 for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) cannabis vapes.

In Victoria, it is illegal for e-cigarettes – also known as “vapes” – to be sold to anyone under 18.

On October 1 last year, Australian Border Force gained the power to intercept packages of nicotine vapes, pods and liquid nicotine, with e-cigarettes being regarded as a Schedule 4 medicine.

The Herald Sun has obtained screenshots from a mum after she confiscated her daughter’s phone, which shows a drug dealer brazenly agreeing to deliver the vapes near a private school in Glen Iris.

“Yea. Just provide me with a complete address where you want it delivered, once we get payment confirmation then would leave asap for delivery,” the drug dealer wrote.

The mother, from Melbourne’s inner east, said she was “horrified” after finding peach flavoured nicotine vapes in her 14-year-old daughter’s schoolbag.

“My daughter and her friend had them delivered at lunchtime. I was completely shocked as I just thought it was so brazen to prey upon vulnerable kids,” she said.

“Upon further questioning my daughter I also found out that her friend was liaising directly with a drug dealer that she had found online.”

A male student, 15, from Glen Waverley, who attends a private boys school, said it was “so easy” to buy vapes online and have them delivered “anywhere”.

“My friends and I paid $25 for a vape that has 600 puffs last month. We were passed on the dealer’s account on social media and had delivery within two hours,” he said.

“Lots of students get them delivered to schools and also buy them after school from smoke shops, they’re so easy to get.”

The Herald Sun also found several social media accounts, with students brazenly admitting to selling vapes.

“DM on Instagram for vapes,” one TikTok user wrote.

“Cheapest vapes in Melbourne,” another user wrote.

Quit Victoria director Dr Sarah White said she strongly condemned the behaviour of drug dealers preying on vulnerable students.

“We’ve got to have consequences where we can catch and prosecute people that are turning up at our school gates and handing these things through the fence to people, it’s shocking,” Dr White said.

She said that vaping was still “out of control” in the schoolyard.

“They’re far too easy to get. All people who care about children should be calling this out and doing something about it.

“E-cigarettes do come with illicit drugs in them, if kids can get hold of these so easily on social media, then what else are they getting their hands on?”

Dr White said vaping was known to cause local irritation and damage through the respiratory tract due to an accumulation of exposure to the chemicals including nicotine, which can cause long-term effects of the cardiovascular system.

Martine Oglethorpe, author of The Modern Parent and a Trusted eSafety Provider, said young students having access to drug dealers was “horrendous”.

“It’s something that we don’t want our young people to be engaging with drug dealers,” Ms Oglethorpe said.

“It comes back to having those conversations with a young person about the safety aspect and the fact that we don’t know who these people are.”

Victoria Police did not provide comment as there were no specific reports made to police.

Earlier this month, police seized more than 1000 black market vapes and charged a retailer with selling the products to ­underage teens.

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