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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — You’ve most likely heard of individuals vaping and the results it will probably have in your well being. However have you ever heard of individuals vaping melatonin?

As extra individuals have bother sleeping on account of pandemic stress and different causes, docs say they’re turning to new methods, like vaping melatonin, to assist get some relaxation.

Melatonin itself is just not harmful. It’s a hormone your physique naturally produces that can assist you sleep, and you should purchase it in complement kind to assist velocity up the method.

However vaping it’s completely different, and it will probably trigger severe well being issues.

“The problem with melatonin vaping is that it’s not supposed to be inhaled,” Dr. Kimberly Brown, who works within the ER at Saint Francis Hospital in Bartlett mentioned. “Melatonin was never supposed to be passed through your lungs. So, there may be some erratic absorption of it in your bloodstream.”

Dr. Brown mentioned melatonin is just not an FDA-approved product, making it exhausting to know what it’s combined with when vaped.

“Vaping can cause lung damage. We’ve seen patients go into acute respiratory distress syndrome, where you can be put on a ventilator and possibly die from that,” she mentioned.

If you wish to take melatonin, Dr. Brown mentioned it’s most secure to take it in capsule kind. She mentioned there are additionally many different methods to get higher relaxation.

“Reading a good book, maybe drinking some warm tea, things like that to kind of shut your system down are the best things to do to get your body ready to go to sleep,” she mentioned.

Dr. Brown mentioned it’s additionally vital to chop down on display screen time earlier than going to mattress. She mentioned the sunshine shining into your eyes really reduces the quantity of melatonin your physique makes naturally.

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