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Ah, what a terrifying query to ask… vapes are superior sufficient with out speaking about explosions. But it surely’s an essential query, so let’s dive in and discover!

On this article we are going to speak about vape batteries, the place to get them and naturally, in the event that they explode…

What are vape batteries and the way do they work?

Vape batteries usually are not only for vape mods. They will energy a number of electrical home equipment, devices and instruments. Some widespread merchandise that use vape batteries embody: Vaporizer mods Moveable vaporizers E-cigarettes.

There are just a few totally different types of vape battery you may encounter. The 2 principal sorts are 18650 type and 26650 type batteries. The 18650 type battery is the preferred and broadly used vape battery that you just’ll discover. They’re much like AA or AAA batteries, however a lot bigger (18mmx65mm).

26650 type vape batteries will be a lot bigger than an 18650; they’re wider and barely longer, which provides them extra energy storage capability, to allow them to final for much longer than 18650 vape batteries. There are additionally vape battery charger choices. These chargers are used to recharge your lifeless vape battery when it isn’t getting used or when you’re utilizing it so that you just by no means run out of energy once you want your vaporizer probably the most.

Do vape batteries explode, and if that’s the case, why do they explode?

To reply this shortly, sure. However wait! Please learn on.

There are two causes vape batteries explode. The primary motive is that the battery overheats. This may be due to a number of causes, together with poor charging habits or outdated age.

When vape batteries overheat, they make the chemical compounds inside them unstable, which may trigger them to swell up or change form. If this occurs when the battery isn’t in use, no large deal. Nonetheless, if the battery is in your vape and it swells up when you’re vaping on it, there’s a critical threat that it’ll explode or catch hearth.

The opposite widespread motive for vape batteries to blow up (or catch hearth) is due to improper charging habits. When you go away your vape batteries on a charger for too lengthy, they’ll change into overcharged. This normally ends in a swollen battery and a shorter lifespan. It additionally will increase the chance of overheating and exploding/catching hearth when you’re vaping.

Predicting whether or not or not a vape battery will explode as a consequence of being overcharged is unimaginable, so it’s higher to play it protected. It’s finest to decide on a vape battery that doesn’t overcharge and monitor your charging habits to make sure you’re by no means left with an overcharged vape battery.

The distinction between these two kinds of exploding vape batteries is an important consider figuring out whether or not you’ll need to switch your vaping system once you expertise an exploding battery.

How are you going to stop your vape battery from exploding?

The primary option to keep away from your vape battery from exploding or catching hearth is to decide on a high-quality, respected model. By no means buy vaping batteries from questionable sources. Respected retailers will promote you the very best quality vape batteries and can present intensive info concerning look after and use them correctly and safely. It’s essential that you just select solely the highest-quality vaping batteries, as they may last more and performance higher. It will provide help to keep away from a catastrophe.

Along with selecting an applicable vape battery, it’s all the time essential that you just totally cost your battery earlier than use and monitor the temperature of your system throughout charging or as soon as in use. If it turns into too sizzling, instantly take away the battery from the charger or vaping system.

By no means go away your vape batteries unattended whereas charging, and by no means overcharge them by leaving them within the charger in a single day. As soon as charged, all the time take away them promptly.

If you’re utilizing mods with detachable batteries, you should definitely preserve observe of which battery is positive-side up so that you just don’t mistakenly use it for the flawed polarity.

What must you do in case your vape battery explodes?

In case your vape battery malfunctions and overheats, instantly flip off and unplug it and place the battery in a fireproof container for a number of minutes.

Don’t use or cost the faulty battery once more.

In case your spare batteries warmth up throughout regular vaping use, cease utilizing them and change them with new ones. When you proceed to make use of a faulty battery, your mod will most likely explode.

How seemingly is it that my battery will explode?

Actually, it’s very uncommon {that a} vape battery explodes, however it might probably occur.

Faulty batteries warmth up and generally explode extra simply than wholesome ones.

If you are going to buy a high-quality battery from a good retailer, your probabilities of experiencing a faulty or overheating your vape are very low.

Nonetheless, should you use generics or purchase low cost knockoffs, the percentages of getting a faulty or overheating battery are a lot larger.

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