Do Hemp Cigarettes Relax You?


Many people tend to get wary when you mention hemp, no matter how innocent the circumstance is. They get even warrier when it is in the same sentence as cigarettes. Hemp is usually associated with getting high and being irresponsible because of its notoriety. Many people do not understand the difference between marijuana and hemp, although they come from the same plant.

Hemp cigarettes have many benefits, including helping the smoker relax and relieving anxiety and pain. While you can smoke them the same way as tobacco cigarettes, they do not have the same effect as the latter. Tobacco is addictive and harmful due to the presence of toxins. The smoke is usually harsh and can affect the lungs in the long run.

How do hemp cigarettes help you relax? What other benefits are there in smoking them? You derive hemp from the cannabis plant; the same applies to marijuana. However, hemp is less psychoactive than marijuana because it contains more cannabidiol (CBD) than tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the psychoactive compound or cannabinoid in marijuana, which is why it is still banned.

Hemp typically contains less than or equal to 0.3% THC and more than 10% CBD, which makes it safer for consumption than marijuana. So, if you choose to smoke hemp cigarettes, you are not in danger of taking an illegal substance, but there is more.

How Hemp Cigarettes Help You Relax

The CBD content in hemp is the primary reason hemp cigarettes can relax you. CBD works with your body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to keep you in balance. CBD binds to the receptors in the system to promote health and balance. The ECS regulates specific functions and how the immune system responds. When the system functions well, your brain and immune system perform optimally to keep your body in balance.

Consequently, your body can better handle chronic pain, stress, anxiety, and mood swings. It may also improve your focus, lower fatigue, and help you sleep better. These factors affect your ability to relax, and if CBD improves the ECS, you will notice a significant improvement in your general well-being.

Other Benefits of Smoking Hemp Cigarettes

The increased use of marijuana and hemp has drawn attention to what the cannabis plant can do. It has long gone beyond its recreational uses; there are several medical benefits when used in a controlled environment. Therefore, more research is going into learning everything about hemp and marijuana.

However, there are already some known benefits of smoking hemp because of the high CBD content. Let us discuss some of these benefits:

Fast CBD Absorption

You can take CBD in many forms, including gummies, edibles, and tinctures. One of the fastest ways of taking CBD is by smoking hemp or using CBD oil. With smoking, you inhale it, and your lungs directly receive it. From there, it moves into your bloodstream and begins to work immediately. 

You can take CBD oil directly under your tongue, which is another fast way for your body to absorb the active ingredient and have immediate effects. Other consumption methods usually take longer to produce the same effects as smoking hemp cigarettes. Nevertheless, they come in handy as safe ways to consume CBD or hemp in general if you are not a smoker.

Reduced Marijuana and Tobacco Use

If you want to quit smoking tobacco or marijuana, hemp cigarettes may be helpful. The cigarettes are far less harmful due to the absence of nicotine or toxic smoke, so they are not addictive. In other words, you can continue smoking CBD hemp cigarettes but not with the risk associated with nicotine or marijuana.

Unless you want to score a ‘high,’ hemp is always better than smoking marijuana. Some marijuana users look for the health benefits of CBD, which is abundant in hemp cigarettes. Therefore, you enjoy the health benefits without the accompanying side effects or long-term risks.

If you are already addicted to smoking cigarettes or marijuana, you may want to speak with a healthcare practitioner before switching to hemp cigarettes. It may not be the ideal step to take if you are trying to quit smoking cigarettes. Moreover, there may already be underlying issues that you need to handle before using hemp cigarettes. While these cigarettes are an excellent and healthier way to indulge in smoking, ensure it is the next best step to take.

Better Smell

While this benefit may not look like much to the average user, long-time smokers understand its importance. Traditional cigarettes can have an awful smell, especially when the smell becomes stale. Regular and long-time users usually have a faint tobacco smell around them, no matter how hard they try to rid themselves of it. 

The smell clings to everything, from your clothing and skin to the hair, furniture, and any available surface. The smoke attaches to these things and can become harmful to other people in the long run. This is especially true in areas where there is heavy smoking. On the other hand, hemp smoke does not have the same effect. 

Smoke from hemp cigarettes is smooth, less harsh, and does not cling to clothes or skin. It is also pleasant, making it easier to inhale. The lack of toxins in the smoke reduces the chances of being harmful to other people, even if they are in direct contact with it. This is not to say that second-hand smoking is ideal. Nevertheless, the smell can be heavy, and it is not always easy to mask it if you smoke these cigarettes in an open area.

Clear Regulations

The wide hemp use around the country makes it crucial to have regulations guiding the planting, harvesting, and processing of the plant. Before now, there was little in the way of regulating these aspects because of the nature of the plant. The story is different as legal hemp farms exist in various U.S. states. These regulations ensure that farmers use suitable fertilizers, control the temperature, and eliminate artificial additives or GMOs. 

Some regulations ensure proper testing and packaging for the best products. That way, you are sure of the product you are getting based on the lab results detailing the contents. You can verify the CBD content as long as you purchase from trusted sources. This is an improvement from the days of not knowing what products contain and relying on the manufacturer’s word.

Vaping Alternative

Vaping hemp is a way to consume it, and it involves using a vaping pen to inhale the essence of hemp. It has become a widely-accepted form of hemp consumption primarily because of its purported safety. However, time is proving that vaping may not be as safe as it should be. People have reported having breathing and other health issues, which questions its safety.

Smoking CBD cigarettes is a viable alternative to vaping. Using a hemp cigarette does not affect your breathing or create other health issues unless you have underlying medical conditions such as asthma. There is also the issue of vape juice; you cannot verify the base oils and their safety. This may increase the danger associated with vaping, even if you have no previous health issues. Directly smoking cigarettes may even be safer than vaping in some cases.

No Loss of Smell or Taste

One of the downsides of smoking cigarettes is the potential to lose your sense of smell and taste. Regular and long-time users tend ot lose their sense of taste and ability to smell as well as before. The reason lies with the harsh smoke that tobacco generates; it interferes with the senses and degrades them over time. In contrast, a CBD cigarette does not generate intense smoke. 

As mentioned before, hemp smoke is smooth and easy to handle. It is less toxic, so it does not affect your ability to smell or taste, no matter how long you use CBD cigarettes. However, regularly smoking these cigarettes is not ideal, even if they are safer than traditional cigarettes. Moderation is essential, especially if you are new to it or have medical issues.


Growing and using hemp for various purposes is legal in the United States with the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill. The Bill allows for the transportation and usage of hemp and hemp-derived products across state lines, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Therefore, anyone can carry and use hemp and hemp-derived products as long as they are consistent with the manufacturing laws.

However, there are still issues with hemp possessions, especially while in transit. Hemp looks and smells very much like marijuana. So, there is usually no way to tell the difference without proper testing. Since law enforcement does not have a way to determine whether you are within your rights to possess hemp without a testing kit, they may assume you have marijuana, which is still banned unless it is for medical use. Therefore, possession is still an issue, and until the law irons it out, people may not freely use hemp cigarettes.


Hemp has been known to help users relax and unwind after a stressful day and relieve anxiety. There are also various advantages hemp cigarettes have over vaping, tobacco, and marijuana use. However, due diligence and caution are required while storing and transporting hemp cigarettes because of the legal issues still surrounding it.

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