Do CBD Products Work in Treating Dogs?

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An emergent field of CBD dog therapies is bringing fascinating insights of the healing properties of the cannabis plant. This article will introduce whether vets recommend CBD for dogs and some tips to remember in choosing products for dogs.

Just like humans, dogs have an endocannabinoid system within their bodies that helps maintain homeostasis – meaning, it keeps everything balanced and in check. This system can function as a go-between for the immune system, nervous system, and the body’s organs, operating continually without conscious awareness.

Cannabinoids in the cannabis plant can interact with the endocannabinoid system via receptors, producing a range of effects that some believe to be helpful for maintaining good health.

Because cannabis remains illegal in many states, to varying degrees, the industry – for both medical and recreational uses – is still nascent in the United States. This means that veterinarians may not be aware of these products or their uses, or they may be hesitant to discuss it due to legal concerns. Additionally, the field of CBD research for pets is still emerging, with few solid studies to draw from, causing further gestation for some.

Despite these hurdles, certain vets do recommend CBD oil for dogs. Green Entrepreneur discussed CBD oil with a handful of vets who do recommend these products to One vet recommends using a full-spectrum hemp oil, along with a healthy diet, in order to aid with conditions including cancer. Another reported reductions in cancer progression and tumor growth.

As with human applications, there are many purported benefits to treating health problems with CBD oil, however solid evidence backing up each of these claims is still forthcoming. It’s also important to keep in mind that every body is different, so dogs may react differently depending on their unique physiological traits. That being said, scientists have been studying CBD treatment in dogs and their findings have been somewhat encouraging. A peer-reviewed study conducted in 2018 produced results indicating that CBD can be aid in pain management in dogs suffering from arthritis.

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Anecdotal evidence is also emerging from pet guardians who use CBD to treat seizures in dogs, reporting some success.

A World Health Organization report found that, in its pure state, CBD oil appears to be safe for animals. This is why ensure that the products you purchase are organic is important. Any pesticides or herbicides applied to plants as they grow can wind up in the end product – so avoiding these toxins will be beneficial for your pet.

However other studies have indicated that dogs with weak or compromised liver function may have trouble with CBD oil, and caution should be taken in these circumstances.

While it’s possible to overdose your dog, the known side effects of CBD are mild. Known side effects can include vomiting, itchiness and a bit of drowsiness – so be sure to watch out for these symptoms.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when perusing the growing list of CBD products for dogs:

  1. Opt for products that use CO2 extraction methods, since these do not use chemical solvents which can be toxic.
  2. Look for full-spectrum oils, rather than isolates. Full-spectrum allows different cannabinoids, including CBD (but little to no THC) to interact and provide further potential benefits.
  3. Buy as local as you can. CBD for dogs products from overseas can be less regulated.

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