DECOLONISING MINDS: This is with reference to the article “The ‘One Per Cent Republic’” (Nov 10) by a former finance minister who rightly pointed out the prevailing inequalities in society. Right after independence, politicians in the western wing tried to drag the country in a certain direction. The eastern wing, largely composed of educated middle class politicians, was completely sidelined. We are still grappling with the same elitist mindset, and will continue to suffer unless we somehow decolonise the minds.

Sohail Akhtar


NOT A BETTER ALTERNATIVE: In an age where ‘smoking kills’ is printed on each and every pack of cigarettes, vape is being suggested as a better alternative when that is actually not the case. The amount of nicotine present in both cigarettes and vapes carry pretty much the same risks. In a city like Lahore where the environment is already polluted due to traffic and smog, it is unadvisable to promote something that is practically cancer in fruity flavours.

Atma Shahbaz


A MATTER OF HISTORY: This is with reference to the letter ‘A matter of history’ (Nov 8), which uncovered the truth with relevant data. It is clear that we do not bother to dig deep into history and pay the price with our ignorance. In a situation like this, the burden of keeping the history intact rests with the historians so that people may get to know the facts in the long run.

Rafat Mahmood Ansari


WASTING FUNDS: The parliamentarians should take steps to limit the number of seats a candidate can contest in a single election. An opposition politician in recent by-polls had contested elections from seven constituencies out of which he won on six. This was despite the fact that everyone knew he would not return to the National Assembly at all. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, election in one constituency costs the nation Rs20.7 million, which is a huge amount. More than that, it is a huge and clearly avoidable wastage.

Jalal Anwar


Published in Dawn, December 4th, 2022

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