Could Cannabis Benefit Your Skin? Here’s What Science Says

Could cannabis help your skin? Heres what science has to say | GreenState

As more people turn to natural skincare ingredients, cannabis, and CBD-based products are making their way into the mainstream. Back in 2019, Sephora went on a PR tour promoting their line of cannabis-based skincare. While some early entrants in the market have faltered, the science shows promise for the benefits of cannabis in skincare, and there are still a variety of high-quality products available.

Benefits of CBD and Cannabis-based Skincare Products

A 2018 study showed that the human skin possesses cannabinoid receptors, so it’s easy to believe that cannabis and CBD-based products could promote healthy skin. Further research has shown that cannabis-based skincare can reduce sebum production, reducing acne-caused redness. Topical cannabinoids also contribute to the recovery of the skin’s natural protection from free radicals, and have proven anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These benefits can lead to clearer, smoother, and more luminous skin.

Understanding the Differences between Cannabis, CBD and Hemp Seed Oil

When shopping for cannabis-based skincare, it’s essential to understand the differences between cannabis, CBD and hemp seed oil. CBD oil is extracted from the hemp flower, bred to contain low quantities of THC, and high amounts of CBD. Conversely, cannabis oil contains higher THC concentrations than CBD products and is typically only sold in state-regulated shops. Hemp seed oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the plant, and while it does have skincare benefits, it differs from those made from the plant’s flowering buds.

Where to find cannabis skincare

CBD skincare products can be found online and in stores, with options like Herbivore’s Emerald Glow Oil featuring 100mg of CBD from full-spectrum extracts. If your budget does not extend to commercial products, try making your own line of cannabis-based skincare products at home with recipes found in cannabis-focused wellness books.

In conclusion, there is scientific evidence that shows cannabis-based skincare efficacy. With anecdotal support from skincare experts and users, it is worth considering making cannabis part of your daily skincare routine.

Author: Cara Wietstock



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