Celebrate Your Christmas with Cannabis

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Holiday is around the corner! Maybe you are planning a dinner, Christmas Eve celebration, Hanukkah party, or Kwanzaa event. No matter what your holiday plan is, you’re likely to want marijuana to be part of the festival! There are many ways you can incorporate marijuana into your celebrations so that you, your family and friends can have happiest a holiday possible.

There’s no reason to make your Christmas tree the only green plant in your home on this holiday. Let’s talk about some ways to celebrate cannabis and the festival!

Cannabis Decorations

Cannabis Decorations – vapebiz

Are you really even celebrating the High Holidays if you don’t have any cannabis-themed ornaments on your Christmas tree or elsewhere in the house?

For the Christmas’ most common symbol — Christmas tree, if you don’t want to decorate it, you can simply replace your standard evergreen for a tree with cannabis leaves. 

So, you might not have that much money to spend or you think the everhigh tree is over the top. No problem. The next best thing is switching out the star, angel or whatever at the top of your tree and replacing it with the universal symbol for stoners — a marijuana leaf.

If you’ve got some spare marijuana containers, then you can make them be a little more crafty and creative, it’s time to light up. This lit decoration combines Christmas lights and medical marijuana containers. You can put it on the wall or hang it up on the Christmas tree.

No problem. The next best thing is switching out the star, angel or whatever at the top of your tree and replacing it with the universal symbol for stoners — a marijuana leaf.

Cannabis-Infused Meal Ideas

Cannabis-Infused Meal Ideas – vapebiz

Cooking with cannabis is all the rage right now, so you may want to give it a try—or make some fun edibles to bring to a party if you’re not throwing one yourself. Cannabis-infused edibles aren’t limited to brownies and cookies anymore, so the menu items are wide open when it comes to appropriate holiday meal dishes.

Since Christmas dinner is a special meal, many families have a traditional main course, much like Thanksgiving. Some people like to eat goose, Turkey or prime ribs. One of the most traditional Christmas main courses of all, however, is a tasty glazed ham. A cannabis-infused glazed ham can kick the party up a notch and makes an appetizing centerpiece to any dining or buffet table. The soaked potatoes are a perfect match. There are a lot of potpourri and recipes to choose from, although each dish containing marijuana may be a bit over the top and not everyone present likes it.

Candy is a must-have for holiday parties, and the most traditional holiday dessert is pumpkin pie. In order for everyone (including all the kids sitting around the table) to enjoy the pie, it’s wise to make one or two big pumpkin pies for everyone, and a small, individual pie infused with marijuana for marijuana lovers.

Another traditional holiday treat that most people love are sugar cookies. It’s easy to make some infused sugar cookies to go along with regular ones. Make it easy on your guests and choose unique shapes and frosting colors for the infused ones so the two different batches of cookies don’t get mixed up and end up in the hands of the little folks.

Cannabis-themed Christmas Gifts

Cannabis-themed Christmas Gifts – vapebiz

The holidays is a time of giving. If you are going to a party and don’t want to go home empty-handed, a thoughtful gift can create a pleasant atmosphere for the party. If you’re the party host, some marijuana themed gifts will make guests feel special.

If you’re planning a small gathering for dinner, there are a number of suitable small gifts that won’t break the bank. Grams of high-quality cannabis flower or a glass pipe will make any marijuana enthusiast smile. For those who prefer concentrates, a gram of hash, shatter, or wax is a suitable substitute. Another outstanding gift for those who like concentrates is a disposable vaporizer pen filled with tasty oil. Disposable vaporizer pens are a relatively new product and are perfect for outings like concerts or parties, because once the oil is gone, the owner can simply toss the pen in the trash.

Of course, cannabis-themed gifts don’t have to contain marijuana. There’s a wide range of cannabis coffee cups, from the simple leaves we know and love, to more colorful cannabis related information. Hemp clothing is another option, and shirts offer the most choice with cannabis themes. Another good choice with a lot of options is a hemp themed hat.

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