Celebrate Danksgiving with Cannabis

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If you think about it, Thanksgiving and cannabis is the perfect combination – smoke weed to get super hungry, then dive right into the biggest meal of the year. It just makes sense, which is why Danksgiving has become such a popular trend. There are many different ways to do Danksgiving, from simply getting high before a meal to providing a full-blown cannabis-infused menu. However you want to do it, we’re here to help you be as creative as possible to come up with the best Danksgiving for you and those you’re most thankful for.

Something about Danksgiving

A holiday traditionally held on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (when turkeys can be bought for like $2 each), Danksgiving is a celebration and time to give thanks for man’s ability to fuck himself up.

To this end, many traditional Danksgiving meals are prepared, often some spin-off of Thanksgiving foods but typically with marijuana and/or alcohol being incorporated into the ingredients. Pot brownies, potatoes with cannabutter, cranberry jello shots, vodkamelons, and of course the Danksgiving Turkey are cooked in a communal setting, and then consumed all at once during the traditional Danksgiving Feast.

Heavy drinking and smoking are also encouraged throughout the entire day of Danksgiving, especially in the form of group games that emphasize getting fucked up as much as possible.

Ways to Host Danksgiving

Celebrate Danksgiving – vapebiz

Thanksgiving, no matter what our culture has long described it as, is up to you to define. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and consider our blessings in any way we choose, which brings us to the beauty of celebrating with Thanksgiving weed. Similar to cannabis consumption methods and different levels of high, there are many ways to conduct Danksgiving. Here are some of our favorite ways to host an old fashioned Thanksgiving dinner party (with weed, of course):

Use Cannabutter

If you’re wanting to make Thanksgiving 2020 a truly special experience, you really should consider putting cannabis on your ingredient list. One of the best ways to infuse any meal with weed is to use cannabutter in place of traditional butter or margarine. Making cannabutter is an easy process that only has a few steps, is easy to keep, can be added to almost any recipe, and gives you control over how much of an effect you want your infused food to have.

Offer Cannabis Before Thanksgiving Dinner

Throwing a weed party for Thanksgiving should start with, well, smoking some weed. Begin smoking just an hour or two before the meal, that way the munchies can kick right before dinner time. To be especially accommodating, have several consumption methods on hand for your guests, such as edibles, vapes, and a pipe or two. Especially with Thanksgiving 2020 and health concerns due to Covid-19, edibles and smaller joints might be your best option.

Decorate With Cannabis

If you’re feeling festive, put up some weed-inspired green alongside your traditional Thanksgiving decorations. Put some mock cannabis leaves in the table centerpiece, light some dank candles around your place, and get cheesy with some marijuana garland or weed-themed snack bars. For a diverse idea board with plenty of cannabis inspiration, check out Pinterest.

Infuse Your Foods

If you want to fully embrace Danksgiving and impress your guests, there’s always the option of making weed Turkey. Yes, it’s possible. Pretty much any food can be infused with cannabis if done correctly, and it’s as simple as creating a cannabutter or canna-oil that can replace traditional ingredients. If you’re going all out, why not make some dank mash potatoes, cannabis-infused green bean casserole, a delicious weed turkey, or even a weed-friendly pumpkin pie. The possibilities are endless, and it’s probably best to just let your imagination run wild. Be sure to warn your guests that the food has been infused with marijuana, and keep all THC-infused foods away from children.

Marijuana and thanksgiving – vapebiz

Have Cannabis-infused Drinks after Dinner

Between the weed and the Thanksgiving dinner, chances are good that you and your guests will be ready for a post-dinner nap sooner than later. Before you get that nap in, though, we recommend winding down with a cannabis-infused drink. Put a spin on something seasonal by making cannabis-infused hot buttered rum or an apple cider mule We also recommend having both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options so your guests can decide how to partake. If you’re not in the mood for a cocktail, try making something a bit more comforting, like a cannabis tea or cannabis milk.

Now you might have a overall methodology of observing Danksgiving in your mind. But concerning the chores in the wake of celebration, you’d better note the potential high of consuming cannabis edibles and drinks. Therefore, prepare in advance some coffee (it counteracts the THC) and some sort of CBD-heavy tincture or flowers on hand as well. CBD blocks THC on brain receptors and is really useful for fighting the effects of accidental overindulgence.

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