CBG vs. CBD: Are They Any Different?


In case you’ve puffed a cannabidiol (CBD) flower or consumed CBD merchandise, reminiscent of tinctures, capsules, gummies, or oil, you have to have skilled its calming results (like by no means earlier than!) in your thoughts and physique.

These stress-free over-the-cloud results may need even led you to assume that no different treatment might calm you down in addition to CBD does. Nicely, you may not be fully mistaken.

Being a cannabis-derived cannabinoid with excessive medicinal advantages, CBD is an on-the-rise pharmaceutical product available in the market.

Contemplating its distinctive traits and several other well being advantages, CBD has been fully legalized within the USA (now, you already know what’s the following vacation spot in your bucket listing!), and public overview concerning the efficiency of CBD has been tremendously promising.

Though CBD has been well-liked among the many plenty and the scientific group, its precursor cannabigerol (CBG) remained the lesser-known by-product of the hashish plant.

Nonetheless, CBG can also be efficient in therapeutic phrases, though it has not but been studied as broadly as CBD.

Each CBD and CBG are cannabinoids which may be derived from hashish crops – each hemp and marijuana. But they’re remarkably and distinctly totally different chemical compounds.

Wait, is that an excessive amount of “chemistry” for you?

Right here, allow us to simplify it for you.

What Is CBG? How Does It Differ From CBD?

CBG and CBD reveal chemical similarities, however they differ of their mechanisms of motion, together with their chemical formulae. For higher understanding, let’s take a better have a look at each compounds:

#1. Chemical components & molecular construction

The chemical components of CBD is C21H30O2, whereas that of CBG is C21H32O2. As a result of totally different proportions of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O) atoms, the chemical construction of the 2 molecules differs remarkably.

Moreover, our physique possesses a category of neurotransmitter receptors, together with cannabinoid and endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors are triggered upon encountering exterior elements/ligands (right here, CBD and CBG molecules), largely influencing a number of important bodily features. In the end, on coming into the human physique, because of their totally different chemical compositions, each molecules work together in a different way with these receptors that regulate totally different features.

Furthermore, contemplating the variations within the water solubility of the 2 chemical substances, CBD and CBG exhibit totally different ranges of bioavailability within the physique.

#2. Therapeutic results

Since CBD and CBG have totally different mechanisms of motion, their probably results, together with therapeutic ones, differ considerably. Let’s discover a bit extra by beginning with the highly regarded CBD.

#2.1. CBD

CBD is thought to exert a number of good results on the person’s physique, together with coping with stress-associated psychological issues.

#2.1.1. Relaxant for temper problems: The stress-free properties related to CBD are useful in a number of psychological circumstances, reminiscent of anxiousness, despair, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress dysfunction. Vaping, smoking CBD flowers, and orally consuming CBD capsules and oil in addition to sublingual administration of CBD tinctures have confirmed helpful in treating temper problems.

#2.1.2. Potent towards problems with disorganized ideas: Analysis additionally demonstrates the robust efficiency of CBD towards cognitive problems. A research performed in 2019 endorsed the antipsychotic properties of CBD, which might deal with psychological circumstances reminiscent of minor psychosis and even full-fledged schizophrenia.

#2.1.3. Efficient towards neurological issues: The plethora of research have analyzed and demonstrated the constructive results of CBD on neurological circumstances reminiscent of epilepsy.


Retrospectively, though numerous analysis appears to have centered round CBD, there’s a dearth of literature for understanding CBG. Nonetheless, CBG reportedly exerts some therapeutic results on the physique by straight interacting with CB1 and CB2 receptors. A few of these results are as follows:

#2.2.1. Urge for food stimulation: In 2017, a research was performed to judge the effectiveness of CBG on urge for food stimulation in rats. It was concluded that CBG stimulates urge for food in rats. That is comparatively equally vital to the appetite-associated impact exerted after CBG consumption in sufferers experiencing circumstances, reminiscent of decreased starvation, extreme lack of urge for food, and cachexia, which is a severe dysfunction in sufferers with most cancers, HIV/AIDS, congestive coronary heart failure, and many others.

#2.2.2. Efficient towards glaucoma: CBG is reportedly efficient in treating glaucoma, a typical eye dysfunction that, typically, impacts individuals over the age of 40 and is the main reason for blindness amongst individuals over 60. CBG works by lowering the intraocular strain, i.e., the fluid strain contained in the glaucoma-affected eye. Mixed with different cannabinoids, CBG works as a strong vasodilator and neuroprotector. This additional proves CBG’s effectiveness towards glaucoma.

#3. CBG is the precursor of CBD, CBD is the by-product

Derived from hemp crops, CBG is the non-acidic type of Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). CBGA is the guardian compound of the acidic types of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THCA, cannabidiol or CBDA), and lots of different such cannabinoids.

CBG represents solely as minute as about 1% of CBGA that is still with out being synthesized and generates calming results after its consumption.

CBG is produced from CBGA by decarboxylation, i.e., one CO2 molecule is separated at a time from a CBGA molecule. CBD is likely one of the oblique byproducts of the CBGA compound, constituting practically 40% of the plant extract.

i.e., CBGA = CBDA = CBD

Results of CBG

As talked about earlier, each CBD and CBG molecules are identified to work together in a different way (because of their distinct chemical composition) with the physique’s endocannabinoid receptors, triggering totally different receptors and producing various, nearly reverse, reactions from them.

A number of items of analysis have in contrast the consequences of CBD and CBG on serotonin receptors. In a single such research, it was seen that CBD countered nausea by way of its affinity for the 5-HT1A serotonin receptors, performing as an activator/agonist. Then again, CBG acted as an antagonist/blocker for the 5-HT1A receptors. These research, thus, point out that CBG might induce nausea amongst customers if utilized in excessive doses, whereas because of antiemetic properties, CBD might counteract such undesirable results.

CBG is a phytocannabinoid that’s also known as exocannabinoid or exogenous cannabinoid, suggesting that it’s the exterior issue whose entry into our physique triggers the endocannabinoid system to react.

CBG binds to the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 within the physique however has extra affinity to the previous than the latter. This binding theoretically endorses the effectiveness of CBG in psychological problems. Though not extensively researched, it has been proposed that the ligand/receptor binding within the case of CBG enhances tumor cell necrosis. Being an integral constituent of hemp crops, CBG is taken into account to be a supportive drug in most cancers remedy.

Due to this fact, contemplating the bigger image, it’s implied that the interaction of CBD and CBG provides rise to the wide selection of their medicinal makes use of.

Why Are We Listening to Of CBG Solely Now?

CBG was found by Raphael Mechoulam and Yehiel Gaoni in 1964. Nonetheless, it’s only lately that CBG has gained analysis attraction. The next are a number of causes that hindered the analysis progress for CBG:

As a result of it lacks psychoactive properties, like these of THC, CBG initially didn’t obtain a lot scientific consideration. The preliminary analysis was primarily centered across the chemical properties of CBG and never on its therapeutic makes use of. It was thus deemed inert to the human physique. Though additional analysis is difficult because of the lack of availability of CBG, future research are demanded to raised comprehend the chemical and therapeutic properties of the compound.

CBG has been late in stirring up the curiosity of the scientific group. This might be because of its potential position within the entourage impact related to hemp consumption. This impact is a extremely coveted mind-altering expertise, which is sort of absent with the consumption of CBD isolates. Therefore, it’s the assortment of results from CBD, CBG, and several other different cannabinoids, besides THC. Nonetheless, the circumferential and fundamental analysis on the therapeutic use of CBG has been promising.

One other problem proscribing the analysis on CBG is the considerably scarce industrial availability of the compound. This might be attributed to the 1% structure of CBG in hemp crops, making it troublesome to extract. It’s practically unimaginable for potential consumers to obtain CBG isolates. Nonetheless; one can procure CBD and CBG merchandise reminiscent of oil in 50/50 proportions by weight.

Pricing stays to be one other vital issue hindering some high quality analysis by way of CBG. Pure CBG merchandise are reportedly no less than 5 occasions costlier than CBD merchandise. As a consequence of exorbitant costs, the market additionally has not witnessed any penetration or availability of CBG merchandise.

Ultimate Ideas

Though the web is flooded with loads of research and updates on CBD, CBG stays to be absolutely elucidated for lack of correct understanding of its results on human well being.

Furthermore, gaps between the provision of CBD and CBG merchandise stay to be bridged.

Up to now, there have been no obvious uncomfortable side effects of consuming CBG. However to reiterate our earlier assertion, there has not been sufficient analysis to come back to an irrefutable conclusion concerning CBG’s security.

Thus, it’s extremely advisable to all the time verify with a physician earlier than incorporating CBD and CBG into your day by day routine.

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