CBD: 5 Easy Ways To Consume It…


CBD is cannabidiol present in the hemp plant. The chemical compound reacts with the body’s receptors to alleviate medical conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, acne, etc. Many parts of the world, especially the US, have approved the use of medical marijuana for some ailments. Legalizing this compound has caused a massive shift in the medical world with the booming marijuana industry. The stigma of cannabis has been alleviated, and technologies have been introduced, resulting in the creation of different CBD-infused products which can be consumed in many ways, such as oils, topicals, dabs, vapes, and gummies, cookies, brownies, etc. The many ways of consuming CBD products make it challenging to know the difference. That’s why this article will discuss the common types of CBD-infused products and their differences. 

• Dabs

Dabs are also considered to be vaporizers. The process uses dab rigs to consume CBD concentrates or wax. These devices are easily available, and you can even purchase them online at Smoke Cartel. The method is suitable for home use because of the device. The effect is faster, and the benefits are fully achieved. Dabbing takes the CBD effect to the bloodstream, which causes a faster effect than other methods. The effect is inserted in 10 minutes when you inhale 34 to 56% of CBD and can last a long time. The dab comprises the mouthpiece, water chamber, and nail. The concentrate is heated on the nail, which passes through the water chamber, which filtrates the cannabis smoke to eliminate the carcinogens when inhaled through the mouthpiece. The concentrates must be heated to a suitable level for full combustion for inhaling. Yet, this method of consumption may not be the best choice for many people.

• Oil

CBD oil or tinctures are products that contain CO2 or alcohol extracts. The substance is soaked and extracted with higher quality. The oil has a bitter taste as a result of no flavoring. Moreover, the compound can be consumed through a vaporizer. However, there are specific vaporizing pens designed for CBD oils. The oil contains a high level of CBD, making it perfect for patients with medical conditions such as IBS, epilepsy, etc. 

• Edibles

Edibles are like munchies or food. Edibles are packaged in many forms, such as gummies, candy, chocolates, and taffy. The products are also considered to be infused in teas, milkshakes, and other drinks. The edibles are best for people with sweet teeth. People use CBD edibles for different reasons, such as; 

CBD edibles are discrete – these edibles are perfect for an everyday quick start-up and can be taken or carried around without anyone noticing.

Many CBD flavors on the market – there are different types of gummies flavors produced by different companies such as sour, sweet, cherries, blueberries, etc. 

CBD edibles can be used for various reasons, such as milkshakes in fruits and vegetables used by athletes during training. 

However, these products have different potencies and formulas. So be mindful of the product you use when indulging in CBD products for better health. It is advisable to start on lower doses before migrating to products with higher concentrations. 

• Pills

Pills are another form in which CBD is produced. Pills are discrete, and it is best for those avoiding smoking or vaping and newbies in the industry. CBD pills take time to activate after ingesting them. They are produced in different ingredients, which may affect metabolism differently. They come in different sizes and shapes, such as powder, solid, and gel pills.

• Topical

Topical is produced as creams, roll-ons, oils, balms, rubs, and salves. They are the go-to option for alleviating pain, stress, and inflammation. These products are applied by athletes, which react with the CB1 and CB2 body receptors to reduce pain, sores, and body aches.  

The beauty world enjoys topical slaves infused with vitamins to repair the skin and protect skin collagen from free radicals with its antioxidant property. Topical can be used to alleviate conditions such as;

Acne – is an unwanted skin condition on the face. It caused redness of the skin and inflammation caused by free radicals. If left unattended, the condition can cause other severe conditions. The natural substance topical is used to alleviate the conditions through CBD-infused serums and creams. 

Muscle soreness – athletes face this condition due to wear and tear of the muscle. The condition causes pain which is relieved by using CBD creams.

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