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An overhaul of rules surrounding vaping merchandise and a crackdown on the provision of such merchandise to minors is required, says Australian retail consultant teams.

The Australian Affiliation of Comfort Shops (AACS), the Grasp Grocers Affiliation (MGA), and the Australian Lottery and Newsagents Affiliation (ALNA), launched a joint assertion criticising the Commonwealth Authorities’s coverage on vapes, claiming it’s misguided, poorly designed, and failing the neighborhood.

Theo Foukkare, CEO AACS, stated though the consultant teams disagree with the present prescription mannequin, they don’t condone shops disregarding the legislation and promoting nicotine vaping merchandise to anybody, particularly kids.

“We are urging the federal government to consider an overhaul of vaping regulations as a matter of urgency, bringing us into line with the UK and New Zealand where adults – and only adults – can access vapes to help them quit smoking. But in the meantime, urgent enforcement action is needed against those supplying vapes to children.”

The decision for a crackdown on the provision of vapes to kids comes following widespread reviews of use of vapes in Queensland faculties.

“We would welcome a crackdown on those that are supplying vaping products to children, whether that’s online platforms like Facebook Marketplace or rogue bricks and mortar traders.

“It is clear that not enough is being done to prevent unscrupulous store owners and dodgy online retailers from selling all kinds of vaping products containing mysterious cocktails of ingredients to teens.”

The associations additionally famous an inflow of ‘pop-up shops’ promoting illicit tobacco merchandise throughout south east Queensland over the past 18 months, with the bulk additionally promoting nicotine vapes.

“These are clearly irresponsible retailers who should not be permitted to sell any tobacco of vaping products.”

A proposed resolution might be the introduction of a low-cost licensing scheme in Queensland permitting solely accountable retailers to deal in tobacco merchandise and would supply a mechanism to close down and punish these working outdoors the legislation.

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