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The Wizman Puff Boy is the best vaporizer ever.
Image: Wizvapor

There’s no higher approach to have fun 4/20, the stoner’s vacation, than by taking place the huge rabbit gap that’s the web to seek out nerdy bongs, pipes, and vape pens.

The good factor about extra states legalizing medicinal and leisure pot is that now it’s not so taboo to seek out one thing to smoke from that matches your model. If Scooby Doo’s Shaggy can smoke in no matter kind of van the Mystery Machine is, you and your pals can take pleasure in one thing out of a Poké Ball pipe earlier than heading out to catch ‘em all.

Gotta Smoke ‘Em All

As a self-professed Pokémon addict, we’re beginning with this knock-off Poké Ball hand pipe, although that is most positively not an official product endorsed by The Pokémon Company.

This 4.5-inch spoon hand pipe is formed just like the Poké Balls you’d use to catch all of them within the video games. But as the outline says, you’d in all probability use this extra to “smoke them all” as an alternative, eh? If you get one in every of these, strive pairing it with an off-brand Poké Ball grinder—for berries, after all.

Smoke The Baby

Image: Etsy / ElevateCreationsCo

The fandom surrounding The Mandalorian has been a bit a lot for me. But naturally, it discovered its means over into smoking tradition. This explicit Baby Yoda silicone pipe seems to be the least slapped collectively of the Grogu-themed paraphernalia on DIY vendor websites like Etsy. The pipe is handmade, properly priced, and backed by stellar evaluations. The solely caveat is to contemplate whether or not you wish to cross the Etsy picket line proper now as artists and creators look to unionize.

Smoke a Bo[wl]ba Fett

Image: Amazon

Sticking with the Star Wars theme, I’m actually disturbed at how straightforward it’s to seek out themed pipes all around the web. Do a fast search on Amazon for a Boba Fett pipe, and also you’ll get dozens of listings, like this overtly-designed one that appears prefer it was cobbled collectively in ceramics class.

Wizman Puff Boy

Image: Wizvapor

I’m obsessive about the Wizman Puff Boy, as a result of it seems to be prefer it belongs on the shelf subsequent to my Tamagotchi assortment. It is a vaporizer with an 8-bit shade OLED display screen, a management pad, and two further enter buttons, which you need to use to regulate the temperature and different settings. There’s additionally a drafting board program that allows you to create a customized sprite for the show. However, I don’t suppose the system is at the moment accessible to ship to the U.S., which is a critical bummer.

Set Phasers to Smoke

Image: Dankstop

I’m sorry if you happen to’re rolling your eyes at me. The low-hanging pun was there. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you may admire the relative cheese of this “Set to Stun” ray gun pipe, which allows you to “smoke like Marvin the Martian.”

Smoke Bob-omb

Image: Dankgeek

I’ve a bizarre affinity for the Bob-omb from Super Mario 64. It’s in all probability as a result of King Bob-omb it’s the primary important boss struggle to beat within the sport, so it’s good to smoke out of a Bob-omb’s likeness.

As an apart, Mario-themed smoking equipment are a dime a dozen. After all, the mushroom motif goes a great distance.

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A Vape That’s Late on Android Updates

A Vape That’s Late on Android Updates

Okay, sadly, I haven’t discovered something current on this smartphone/vaporizer system referred to as the Vaporcade that debuted at a CES over 5 years in the past. But it’s a testomony to how straightforward it’s to make an Android telephone into something, together with one thing that you need to use to smoke no matter you’re carrying round with you discretely.

The telephone featured two batteries to energy up the vape and the telephone individually, so that you weren’t chipping away at your standby time with each toke. The telephone price $500 when it launched. It in all probability didn’t take off as a result of getting an Android telephone with out constant software program updates is like shuffling throughout a stage minefield.

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