Best Vape Batteries So Far In 2022…


It makes sense for an intermediate vaper to advance to mod vapes once they have mastered the small devices to an extent. The desire to participate in the race for larger clouds and greater customization is difficult to resist. That may also require you to start making decisions regarding the finest vape batteries. 

Unlike the built-in batteries used in most pod systems and pod mods, the batteries used in modifications are occasionally detachable and primarily measure 18 mm by 65 mm, thus the name “18650” batteries. But selecting 18650 batteries is not an easy chore, especially now that the eCommerce platforms are overrun with fakes. Additionally, you need to confirm that the battery’s rating and capacity can meet your basic vaping requirements. 

Given how difficult it may be to select the finest 18650 battery, this write-up brings you a detailed list of the top 18650 batteries. All of the suggested battery brands are from well-known, reputable companies, and make sure you only buy them from trustworthy retailers. 

1. The Kind Pen 

The Kind Pen brings variable voltage 510 custom vape boxes with an ultra-light, slim, and budget-friendly design. It offers a fast heat-up time, is compatible with most 510 vape cartridges, and has three voltage options- 2.4v, 2.8v, and 3.2v. The preheat setting enables the device to handle thicker vape oils. Being compact and durable, they can easily fit into a pocket.  

With a 350 mAh battery, the Kind Pen vape hits the perfect balance between portability and battery life. You can use it without thinking whether it will last the entire day or if it will fit in your pocket. Most importantly, the Kind Pen vape batteries would work with almost everything, like dabs, cannabis oil, e-liquid, wax, and other oil cartridges. 

2. Molicel 


When exploring the world of replacement vape power sources, you’re likely to come across the Molicel P26A battery, and there’s a good reason for it. It is reasonable to assume from such a seasoned firm that the Molicel P26A 18650 2600mAh battery has a maximum voltage of 4.2V, which is higher than some of the other products on the market.  

They also have ultra-low impedance, quick charging technology, and a 25A discharge rate and are ideal for regular usage at high wattages. Furthermore, this battery is affordable and unquestionably reliable with these characteristics. Possibly the greatest 18650 battery for vape mods available right now. 

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3. TribeTokes Saber 


The TribeTokesSaber is an undercover 510 vape battery that works with all types of common vape cartridges. The OLED digital display panel on the Saber allows you to change the voltage between 2.6V and 4.8V. Depending on the voltage and how frequently you vape, the 650mAh battery within the Saber will offer a long battery life of days to weeks. The battery life is reliable in all usage scenarios. 

4. Golisi G30 Battery  


As of 2019, Golisi is a brand still in its infancy, but their battery manufacturing is not subpar. Not one, but two premium 18650 batteries are included with Golisi. It makes them the perfect addition to your kit whether you need two for a sizable box mod like the Vaporesso Gen S or want to replace an empty battery with a fully charged one to power your Lost Vape Grus mod. Batteries made by Golisi are famous for their strength and excellence. There aren’t many batteries that can hold much more power than the 3000mAh that each battery has. 

5. Sony VTC5A 

Sony continues to top the list since they have produced a large number of top-notch batteries for vaping. One of the most dependable and well-balanced 18650s on the market, the Sony VTC5A is the company’s top product for sub-ohm vaping. It can potentially go over these rates and maintain its composure, reaching a maximum of 25A. The 2600mAh battery has enough power to last all day. In addition, it functions well with mechs and controlled modifications. This battery can achieve the finest possible balance between high discharge and high capacity. 

6. Pulsar ReMEDI M2 

The Pulsar ReMEDI M2 provides sufficient power and battery life for the task, whether vaping light oils, heavy oils, or distillates in the cartridge. It’s ideal for carrying outside the house because it’s only 2.5″ long and lightweight. Additionally, because its small size makes it easy to carry the battery discreetly, it is perfect for those covert vaping sessions. The Pulsar ReMEDI M2 does not need a specific adapter and is compatible with most 510-threaded cartridges. In addition, you may choose from three different voltage settings on the Pulsar ReMEDI M2 to suit your preferences: 3V, 3.7V, or 4.2V. 

7. DrDabber Universal 510 Battery 

As its name implies, the DrDabber Universal 510 Battery is versatile. It is a pen-shaped battery that is stylish, discreet, and durable. All 510 cartridges are compatible, and it’s the ideal straightforward device for people who only need a functional battery. 


The DrDabber Universal 510 Battery offers three heat settings and a preheat mode that lasts 15 seconds and can be used 40 to 50 times on a single charge. So you need to attach a cartridge and activate the preheat mode to get started vaping in 15 seconds. 

The Final Note 

The entire point of vape batteries is that they are lightweight, simple to use, and provide all the power you’ll want for a pleasurable experience. There are many options, and your selection will depend on your preferences. 

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