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As the cannabidiol (CBD) industry grows CBD disposable vapes are becoming more popular. They’re rapidly rising in popularity due to the ease of use and variety of different flavors that are now available. Here you will find the best CBD disposables from JustCBD.

CBD Disposable Northern Lights Indica – 1000mg

If you’re looking to add some chilled out indica goodness to your day then this is the CBD disposable for you. Northern Lights is made from all-natural ingredients and terpenes: naturally occurring chemical compounds mainly found in plants. This CBD disposable embodies all of the aromas and tastes you love from this classic strain, but as it’s a vapor the smell disappears almost immediately.

Choose this full-spectrum CBD disposable vape if you’re after an authentic and non-intoxicating CBD vaping experience. Contains approximately 1500 puffs. To use, have 1-2 small puffs that don’t exceed 3 seconds. All of the JustCBD disposables are made using hemp grown and harvested in the USA.


CBD Disposable Pineapple Express Hybrid – 1000mg

Want to be whisked away to a tropical island in an instant? This CBD disposable is perfect for you. This vape has been based on one of California’s most popular strains, with bright citrus notes to brighten up your day. Made from the highest-quality CBD, Pineapple Express ticks all the boxes if you’re in need of a powerful but relaxing hit. If you’re looking for the perfect mix of sativa and indica this hybrid disposable is the right choice for you.

This CBD disposable vape is a firm favorite among CBD lovers: made popular by its distinct pineapple aroma with hints of earth pine. This disposable vape has been created to energize the body but with a mellow buzz.

This 2ml full-spectrum CBD Pineapple Express Hybrid vape is perfect for using when out and about. They’re small enough to fit into your pocket and can be used discreetly, just like a traditional vape but with the added benefit of CBD. Each vape disposable contains approximately 1500 puffs and has 1000mg of CBD.


CBD Disposable Sour Diesel Sativa – 1000mg

The world famous sativa strain in Sour Diesel has been specially designed to uplift the senses, while also leaving you feeling cool and calm. It has a penetrating aroma of diesel that disappears quickly into the surrounding air. JustCBD have included their own unique terpene blend in this disposable vape to give you an original and enjoyable CBD experience.

If you’re looking for a full spectrum CBD disposable with an authentic taste this is the vape for you. It contains 1000mg of CBD and comes in a 2ml vape. Each vape contains approximately 1500 puffs and the vape is designed as single-use only. That means once it’s empty you can quickly and conveniently throw it away.


What is a CBD disposable?

A CBD disposable is a vape that contains CBD and is single-use only. Unlike traditional vapes, once the vape is empty you can throw it away. They have a built-in battery, atomizer and arrive preloaded with e-juice containing CBD. They are designed to give you a set amount of puffs.

Unlike traditional vapes they require minimal to no maintenance, making them an incredibly easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD. They are also small and discrete and look identical to traditional vapes. Meaning you can take them out with you in your pocket or bag.

Why use a CBD disposable vape?

Vaping CBD is a great way to have your daily dose of CBD as it absorbs into your bloodstream much quicker compared to edibles. When you inhale CBD through a vape it’s absorbed directly into your bloodstream through the lungs. This means the benefits of the CBD will kick in faster compared to eating CBD. Aside from their bioavailability many users simply enjoy the process of vaping and trying out the range of different flavors on offer.

How many puffs should I have?

The amount of puffs you take will vary depending on a few different factors including, your current tolerance levels to CBD, your weight, the strength of the CBD in the product and your desired outcome. It’s recommended to start with between 1-3 puffs to see how you feel. Hold it in your lungs for up to 5 seconds. You can always increase that dose after a while. Always remember to monitor how you feel and the effect it’s having on your body. If you don’t feel an effect within 10 to 15 minutes, have another puff. As everyone’s body chemistry is different, CBD will have a different effect on each person. CBD disposable vapes are not recommended for anyone under the age of 21.

How long before it takes effect?

As a general rule it takes between 20 to 30 minutes for CBD disposables to take effect in the body. It’s important to bear in mind that the time frame will vary from person to person and depends on a variety of different factors. The most common factors affecting how you feel include your individual body chemistry, your weight and your tolerance of CBD. JustCBD always recommends starting with a low dose and slowly increasing it over time. Remember to monitor how you feel and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Do CBD disposables get you high?

No, CBD disposables will not get you high if the CBD is extracted from the hemp leaves, seeds or petals. It’s the THC found in the marijuana plant that has psychoactive effects on the body. CBD disposables are known to make the users feel more relaxed and in tune with their surroundings. Hemp-derived CBD is 100% natural and has zero side effects.

How long does a CBD disposable last?

If used correctly a CBD disposable should last the user between 4 to 7 days. The life of the disposable will depend on the individual and how often they use it. Obviously the more often it’s used and the larger the puffs the less time it will last.

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