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ALTO, Texas (KTRE) – Alto ISD parents have been raising their concerns over the last several months over various issues in their children’s schools. Alleged fights, excessive cell phone usage, and drugs are a few of the things parents and the school district came together in an open forum to address Thursday night.

“Kids are sleeping through class, kids are vaping in class, in the commons… now this all leads to the reason the fights are going on, there is no supervision going on,” said one concerned parent this evening at the open forums held by Alto ISD school board officials.

Superintendent Kelly West says the school board believed it was best to address the issues in these parent forums which is specific to each campus; the forum was held at Alto High School.

“I will say that, you know, I see a lot of teachers with cell phones out, with earbuds in and we can’t hold our kids to a higher standard than our teachers. We do need them to lead by example,” one parent said.

The school board addressed many of the concerns parents brought up, including a staffing shortage, security in the new building, and sexting. They also addressed consequences for a student if they’re caught using drugs or vaping on school grounds.

An Alto ISD staff member also addressed the board and the parents.

“Until we come together and fix it at home and make the kid be responsible for what they are doing, it ain’t going to work. We can sit here and blame one another all night long,” he said.

The superintendent hopes these forums will serve as a way for everyone to move forward.

“The parents expressed their worries and concerns. We can work together in partnership to come to a middle ground. Maybe we’ll get some volunteers, get some parents who have some time to spend some time here at the school so they can can see that we are working to solving the issues we are facing right now.”

According to the district’s website there are many positions currently open for the next school year. Alto ISD’s next parent forum will be next Tuesday for the elementary campus

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