Afroman’s Ohio house raided by sheriff’s office,…


Afroman’s home was raided by the Adams County Sheriff’s Office on Aug. 21, according to social media posts from the rapper and reports by TMZ.

Afroman, 48, whose real name is Joseph Foreman and is known for the songs “Because I Got High” and “Crazy Rap,” posted a series of videos and images to his Instagram on Monday and Tuesday. The footage showed the kitchen door forced open and several people wearing Adams County Sheriff’s Office uniforms coming inside and looking around. They were also holding guns and flashlights and wearing bulletproof vests.

Afroman comments on raid: ‘All of this for a vape pen.’

Afroman commented over the footage of the video with officers in the kitchen and said it was a “good thing my kids weren’t home.” “All of this for a vape pen,” he added in the video.

Video, images show battering ram, door forced open

One of the videos posted showed his gate opened by someone from the sheriff’s office and multiple vehicles pulling into his lot. An officer also appeared to pull a battering ram from a vehicle. Other videos and images posted to his Instagram account showed officers in his bedroom and closet, as well as a door that was forced open off its hinges.

Afroman asked in the post if anyone had the phone number for well-known civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Afroman upset about damage to his house

The rapper told “TMZ Live” on Monday that the officers took “trace amounts of some joints,” including a vape pen and hemp, but he said he was upset about the damage to his house. He also told TMZ that the Adams County Sheriff’s Office wants him to come to the station and make a statement.

Afroman was born in Los Angeles. He said he was in Chicago at the time of the raid, not at the property in Adams County, which is east of Cincinnati along the Ohio River and has a population of around 27,000. His Instagram bio also lists Hungry Hustler Records, a record label based in the Adams County village of Winchester.

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