Adding Alcohol To E-juice Safe

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Adding alcohol to e-juice is real, but it’s not very popular. As we all know, alcohol is flammable and vape pens create heat in the coil, so both of them may create ignite. To safely inhale alcohol, people create vapor spheres, which are also called vaporizing. It’s very easy to use and safe as well.

You can vaporize alcohol easily with the help of a vapor sphere. If you vape alcohol, it feels different. If you use those processes for four or five attempts, you feel good at vaporizing alcohol. When you get used to it, you’ll be able to control your buzz much easier. Vaporizer Alcohol it’s not common. If you want to do it, then do some good research. Not knowing much of it, please don’t do some strange or bad things.

How to use the vapor sphere to vaporize alcohol

First, take a candle and a lighter than just light the candle. Take the candle, place it in the cup, then hold a cup at about a 45-degree angle and let the candle slide down slowly inside of it. Once the candle is inside, all you need to do is fill your sphere with alcohol. You can do this by taking your stainless-steel funnel and placing it inside, like grabbing any alcohol.

You pour about one ounce and half alcohol into the funnel and that’s it. You take the funnel to outplace it on top and in about four minutes, you’re ready to start vaporizing your alcohol. Now, this funnel is designed easily and it will sit on top of your straw. You don’t need to worry about losing or miss placing your funnel; it can stay with your vapor sphere everywhere you take it. The idea was To be able to have something that you could hold just like regular glass and easily.

Just like a regular drink after you place the sphere on top of the candle. Now, wait for four minutes and you’ll see condensation forming inside of the sphere. This lets you know that there are now vapors inside the sphere and ready to take. All you need to do is take the straw, pull it out of the liquid and inhale the vapors into your lungs but remember not to breathe into your lungs to your stomach. If you inhale the vapors into your stomach, you won’t get the desired effect.

You’re looking for something that simple as the heat-resistant glass allows you to hold this just like the regular drink. Whenever you want to enjoy more, all you need to do is take the straw and pull it out of the liquid and inhale the vapors.

It usually takes about four or five attempts to get good at vaporizing alcohol. When you get used to it, you’ll be able to control your buzz much easier. If you’re getting a little too buzzed, take more time between your next vapors hit. Also, you’re getting a little sober. You take another vape juice hit. You can say half ounces of alcohol should last you about40 minutes of vaporizing, so after you vaporize your alcohol for about 40 minutes, you’ll want to take the sphere off the top, remove the straw, pour the alcohol out and replace it.

You go ahead and stick your straw back into the sphere and set it on top of the candle. 

It can take about four minutes and you’ll be ready to inhale again. When you vaporize alcohol, the alcohol taste is much smoother and less harsh than when you drink alcohol.


Adding too much alcohol inside your vape pen can be too dangerous for your health. But if you want to feel the excitement, then add a little to know your body can take the pressure.

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