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In 2009, the federal Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of Hawaii had prohibited flavours, together with fruit and sweet flavouring in flamable cigarettes, however allowed them in e-cigarettes.

While in 2020, House Bill 2457 referred to as the Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2020, would have banned the gross sales of all flavoured tobacco and vaping merchandise throughout the State. The invoice would additionally make it illegal for any retailer to label their merchandise inaccurately, point out any flavours within the labeling and/or market the merchandise in a means that makes them extra interesting to teenagers. This proposal was adopted by others, the newest being House Bill 1570.

The modifications within the proposal embody a number of mandates for reporting and testing necessities from state companies, that advocates say would simply make it tough to implement the ban. “It’s disheartening to us that something that is so serious would be compromised by these amendments,” mentioned Amanda Fernandes, coverage and advocacy director for the Hawaii Public Health Institute. “It is a very common tactic for the tobacco industry to lobby for these types of poison pills to be inserted into otherwise good tobacco policy.”

The Case for Flavours

A brand new report by famend heart specialist and smoking cessation researcher Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos, titled “The Case for Flavours,” discusses the unfavorable results of vape flavour bans on public well being. The report highlights that finally flavour bans are a type of prohibition, which solely serve to gasoline the expansion of huge black markets and will increase in smoking charges, as they lead many vapers to show again to smoking.

He explains that the chance of dependence on nicotine and the dangers related to e-cigarette use can not and shouldn’t be in comparison with the dangers from smoking. Moreover, he highlights, the obligation of public well being officers is to weigh the advantages and hostile results of any intervention and examine the place the steadiness lies. Farsalinos has constantly highlighted that within the case of e-cigarettes, the advantages outweigh any hostile results, and this must be taken into consideration.

In line with these arguments, a brand new research printed in Nicotine & Tobacco Research, discovered that banning vape flavours will encourage vapers to return to smoking, while creating an enormous black marketplace for e-cigarettes. Study writer Charles Gardner revealed that 2,159 US respondents aged between 18 and 34, have been polled as a part of the research and 33% of them would swap again to smoking if flavours have been unavailable.

To this impact, concluded the researchers, flavour restrictions could also be detrimental fairly than helpful. “Moreover, if vape product sales were restricted to tobacco flavors, 39.1 percent of users reported being likely to continue using e-cigarettes but 33.2 percent were likely to switch to cigarettes. If vape product sales were entirely restricted, e-cigarette users were equally likely to switch to cigarettes,” mentioned the research.

Real life knowledge

Supporting these findings, is one other latest research printed in JAMA Pediatrics, which discovered that following San Francisco’s flavour ban, youngsters within the metropolis’s excessive colleges have been extra prone to take up smoking than youngsters in US college districts the place no flavour bans have been imposed. While previous to the ban, smoking charges in San Francisco have been much like that of many cities throughout the nation.

“To understand this conceptually, think about youth preferences between tobacco products,” mentioned research writer Abigail Friedman, an assistant professor within the Department of Health Policy and Management on the Yale School of Public Health, in a press release. “Among youths who vape, some likely prefer ENDS to combustible products because of the flavors.”

“For these individuals as well as would-be vapers with similar preferences, banning flavors may remove their primary motivation for choosing vaping over smoking,” she continued. “Thus, some of them will respond to a ban on flavors by choosing to use combustible products instead of ENDS.”

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