1000’s of illegal vape products seized in…


1000’s of illegal disposable vape products have been seized in Wrexham. Trading Standards Officers from the Council’s Public Protection Service have removed illegal vaping products from sale at various retailers across the Borough.

For good health reasons, the sale of nicotine containing vapes (most do contain nicotine) are controlled by laws restricting strength and size of products and it is illegal to sell vapes containing more than 20mg/ml of nicotine and that contain more than 2ml of liquid. It is also illegal to sell vape products that do not carry health warnings.

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Vaping is endorsed by health professionals as an effective method for quitting smoking and the evidence is that it works. However, there are concerns that non-smokers are taking to vaping and that some of these are children attracted by cool looking products available in a range of attractive sounding flavours.

The availability of illegal products of the kind seized adds to the problem.

Enquiries relating to seized vapes are continuing. Retailers are being advised about legal requirements and to only buy products from reputable wholesalers. Those who repeatedly break the law or ignore the advice risk prosecution as well as forfeiting illegal products seized.

Trading Standards and Licensing Lead, Roger Mapleson said, “It’s really important to understand that while nicotine containing vape products can be very effective for smokers trying to quit tobacco smoking.

“It is concerning that we have this problem of super strength and super size illegal products on the market. In addition the products are attractively packaged, come in a range of attractive sounding flavours and are powerfully marketed on social media.

“We do have serious concerns for non-smokers, especially children, being attracted to these products and becoming addicted to nicotine. The clear message is, if you don’t smoke then don’t vape”

The law also makes it illegal to sell nicotine containing vape products to anyone under 18. If you are aware of any retailer selling to children or selling illegal vapes you can report to:

Citizens Advice Consumer Services on: 0808 223 1133 (English) or 0808 223 1144 (Welsh).

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