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Wow, it’s Saturday, people! That means the weekend. And it’s hopping. We’ve got bans on both homeless camps and vape products, a state representative has been arrested and the head of our public defender system has been fired. Crazy times. Let me tell you about it.

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First, today’s weather:

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We’ve got some clouds, but still plenty of sun and a high of 84.

Here are the top five stories in Portland today:

Find out what’s happening in Portlandwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

  1. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler brings down the ban hammer once again. This time, he’s banning homeless camps along school routes, according to a draft emergency declaration leaked Thursday. The order would ban encampments within 150 feet of school buildings and along routes where students are likely to be walking to school. The Portland Bureau of Transportation had previously designated these paths “primary investment routes” and targeted them for traffic safety projects. Any campsites along the routes will be prioritized for removal, Wheeler’s order states. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  2. The saga of Oregon’s beleaguered public defender system continues. The head of Oregon’s public defenders’ office was fired Thursday in a clash over how to solve a dire shortage of attorneys to represent people too poor to afford a lawyer. The executive director of the Office of Public Defense Services, Stephen Singer, was fired by an oversight panel. The vote Thursday was six to two, with one member absent. Critics cited an abrasive, combative style Singer brought to his job. (KGW)
  3. Hey, vapers, if you’re a fan of YHN products, listen up. Over 18,000 units of a THC vaping product were sold containing a banned ingredient, according to the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission. OLCC said the sales took place between November and July in Ontario. The investigation into the product is still ongoing but OLCC said the inhalable products were found to contain soybean oil, an unapproved non-cannabis additive. (KPTV)
  4. A group of lawmakers and local officials are moving toward legislation that would expedite the cleanup of abandoned recreational vehicles. Tom Holt, a lobbyist for the Oregon Tow Truck Association, says there are hundreds of abandoned RVs in the metro area, but the problem extends throughout the state to parks, forests and wildlands. “They are everywhere,” Holt says. Holt says current laws regarding abandoned cars and trucks provide an efficient way to move them along, but the laws regarding RVs are less helpful. (Willamette Week)
  5. There was more excitement at the Clackamas County Fair than I would have expected. Oregon state Rep. James Hieb was arrested there on Wednesday night. He told KATU it was over a woman asking him to put out a cigarette. The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office confirmed the arrest but offered no further details. The House Republican caucus said it is disappointed and encouraged him to focus on his family and “getting the help he needs.” (KATU)

Today in Portland:

  • Soul 2 Soul PDX 2022, Celebrating Black Resilience & Uniqueness, is happening at Washington Monroe Park and Revolution Hall. Soul2Soul is designed to engage, invigorate, and empower the African Diaspora and African-Americans in Oregon. It is a catalyst to heighten an understanding between communities, to showcase contributions of the arts to the world, and to elevate the spirit of Ubuntu. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Come party with Baerlic Brewing Co. for an afternoon of gear, beer, and good times at the Portland Pedal Party. Also in the house will be the amazing Benson Amps, Caulfield Cables, Eddie Wang Instruments, Kittycaster FX, Mr. Black, Old Blood Noise Endeavors, Safehouse Audio, Spaceman Effects, and Walsh Guitars! Chat with representatives from your favorite companies, try out demo boards with fellow pedal nerds, all while sipping a tasty brew. DANG. Noon to 6 p.m.
  • Have you ever wanted to party like a Viking? Then come to Viking Beer Fest at Nordic Northwest Campus. Beer tastings meets Viking re-enactors and combat in this festival featuring music, a Viking Ship, Nordic food, and more! 3 – 10 p.m.
  • The Assville Podcast presents Assfest at The Fixin’ To in North Portland. Clappers and Assassins REJOICE! Portland’s favorite comedy podcast hosted by comedians Shain Brenden and Seth Allen have put together a night of fun, comedy, music and all around good times! 7 – 11 p.m.
  • Come to the premier of Manbaby at the 4th Wall in SE Portland! Once upon a time 4th Wall owner and operator Asa Fager starred in a VERY independent film. However, as is so common in the VERY independent film market, that film found itself caught in development hell and sat on a shelf for more than 8 years. But finally, after a wealth of reshoots and audio pickups and a little more time on the shelf, that film is FINALLY ready to premier. The only question left to ask is… Are you ready? 3 – 9 p.m.

From my notebook:

  • Travel Portland:@tulipcowboy, @freshcutflowersevents and @houseoflupine: we don’t deserve you! Thank you endlessly for this beautiful gesture. So much love to you! Locals and visitors: keep your eyes out around Portland throughout the rest of the summer…” (Travel Portland via Instagram)
  • Portland Art Museum:This summer, we were thrilled to welcome the PSU MEPI Student Leaders Program back to the Museum after a two-year pandemic hiatus. The Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) is a U.S. State Department–funded program that brings studen…” (Portland Art Museum via Instagram)
  • Portland Audubon:It can be almost impossible to tell which is the male and which is the female in the raptor world. Female Sharp-shinned Hawks, like many female raptors from a variety of species, are larger than the males. In the case of Sharpies, about …” (Portland Audubon via Facebook)
  • Friends of Family Farmers:Are you a farmer frustrated with the system? Feel like you have no voice? Come learn how policy works and how YOU can make a difference. We will have many opportunities this fall and winter to learn the what, why, when and how to get inv…” (Friends of Family Farmers via Facebook)
  • There’s a new film coming to Portland Theaters produced by Portland-based Barnegat Studios. It’s the social-horror film Where’s Rose and it debuts in select Portland theaters starting August 26. Head of production Justin Boswick and the company’s co-founder and cinematographer Eric Gesualdo joined AM Extra to celebrate the company’s release. (KOIN)
  • How easy has it been for you to get your pet into see the vet? For me, it hasn’t been so easy. And a lot of my friends here in Portland have been having the same trouble. That’s why I’m very interested in hearing about Banfield’s NextVet program. Banfield Pet Hospital, founded in Portland with its headquarters in Vancouver, started the NextVet program that starts training potential veterinarians before they even get to vet school. (KOIN)

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Your mission for this Saturday, if you choose to accept it, is to have more fun than should be legally possible. Thankfully, I can’t make this newsletter self-destruct in 60 seconds, because, oh, wouldn’t that be so freakin’ cool. But, no, no, I would never risk your computer/tablet/phone like that. But, still, so cool. I’ll see you next week, friends, Til then, have fun.

Dominic Anaya

About me: Doctor, educator and now a writer/artist, I’m just chillin’ in Portland, OR with my wife, our ferrets, our chickens and our goats.

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